£100,000 a Year. No Boss. Better Living? Why Trade Betting Odds?

Money alone isn’t a great goal. It’s unhealthy and endless. Having a bigger reason is far more important…

It might seem cliche, but when you look at the most successful – money was rarely the end-goal. Having a bigger reason is actually quite important. Knowing exactly what it helps you get the most from it too.

Why Trade Betfair?

When I first started out, trading was a mixture of things for me. Something new, a potential escape from a situation I’d had enough of. Opportunity to earn far more without years of certificate chasing, comfortable living and even proving the doubters wrong…. the list is endless.

As time has passed I’ve come to realise what really matters for me. Knowing what they are is crucial to achieving what I want…

Here’s my point; money isn’t enough. I don’t subscribe to that ‘its the route of all evil’ rubbish, but it’s simply not a driving force for anyone. It’s simply a vehicle for all the things that many do want, choices mainly.


Finding what gets you going is a start for sure. But enjoying what you’re doing’s quite important too…

How Does Knowing Help?

Understanding yourself, much like mindset while trading allows you to get more. It also helps when you stray off-course.

Motivation was a massive issue for me not long after I went full-time. For a while it was new, everything was great with more money to spend and additional time to do so. But after a while, I went through a phase of sleeping in later and doing less work. Sounds ideal at first, doesn’t it? Not really.

What do you do when there’s no boss to answer to? Or when the young lady starts to dish out extra jobs to do at home? It’s not all sunshine and rainbows trust me!

Having an underlying reason, motivator or end-goal that you’re fully aware of is the best way to asses the situation. It stops the Mrs and kids from branding you lazy too, haha. But seriously, if it’s the kids, giving them a better future, upgrading home or just a few extra beers each week. Remind yourself of it each time you sit down to ‘work’ if you can call it that and use it as a driving force to achieve. It’s surprising how these things will give you that extra bit of energy to progress when the markets seem tough, certainly made a difference for me!

What’s Your Reason?

Not so long ago I asked this question on twitter (you can follow me here). The response surprised me a little, maybe it shouldn’t have:

Reason for Trading

I was surprised a few more people didn’t vote ‘I love sport’. That’s usually the envious lines I hear from people once I tell them what I do for work… Maybe it’s not as socially acceptable to say because I want better living or something.

What motivates you? How can you get the best out of trading? Or is it something else you’d be better doing?

Let us know in the comments below…

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10 thoughts on “£100,000 a Year. No Boss. Better Living? Why Trade Betting Odds?

  1. Hi Caan,
    Just wondered, you say you obviously do this full time. Can I just ask that you must pay the full premium charge with Betfair, is that right?
    Also, do you still make a living even with this charge?
    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi Caan,

    This is something I’m trying to get into. Just bought your pre race guide, gonna give it a thorough read over the next couple of weeks. My motivation for trying this is a better work/life balance. I do also love sport but if I can trade from home and spend more time with the Mrs whilst making a decent income then tremendous.

  3. Caan, what I think you should do is set up some trading seminars, not webinars, but actually get people along to a room and teach people everything you know about trading. You’re a born leader, a natural teacher and I think this will come across really well in that sort of environment. I think it’s the only way you can evolve really, otherwise you’re stuck trading all day at home and not really helping others out.

  4. Hi Caan, I have just read through your guide a couple of times now and I am looking forward to getting started when the markets are back to normal. The comment from Mike S above sounds good to me, if ever you go down this route I would be interested

  5. Caan berry is great, his motivation is for a better life forever, so better life means money , the route of all happiness to do whatever you want , Caan gives more than he takes and is savvy with the pitfalls of the system of betting , I would love to know more of his secrets.

  6. Caan Do you specialize in pre off horse racing only or do you trade any other sports.
    Currently i trade the horses pre off, Football, Nfl, Cricket ODI & T20 although i am wondering if its better to knock out some of these as to just concentrate on 1 or 2 only

  7. All my life I have built success then sabotaged myself. I’m 81 now, and in good heath both mentally and physically, I want my sunset years to be entirely successful.

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