Betfair Break To Egypt! Absolutely Scorching…

egypt2Evening all!

Sorry for the delay in updates! I’ve been really quite tied up lately with sooo much going on. It’s been to be so busy though!

Last week I enjoyed an all-inclusive 5 star break in Sharm el Sheik with the new Mrs. Courtesy of my Betfair success this year. Without it, neither of us would have been going!

Im glad we did though, as it was the best holidays I’ve had yet. Loads to do and even this time of year (October) it was 35 degrees!

The break has certainly done me good, as I’ve come back to the markets a little calmer. I think before I went I was getting onto of myself a little still being quite buzzed up with the weekly profits I’d been making in the summer months.

It’s quite hard to believe when you go from making small amounts to what I consider huge amounts in such a short space of time, and then having to take the bitter pill of calming down a bit again, it’s a very important change to make though or I’d just be throwing profits and potential profits away! It’s not just about winning, but about not-losing.

Sometimes I think it’s easily overlooked; throwing away ‘potential’ profit. You know, when you trade a race and make say £20 before pushing a bit harder to turn it into £30 or £40 before post time and actually blow £15 of the £20 you originally had… little tweaks and not getting involved in such situations can make a big difference to the overall day, particularly this time of year I feel. The markets are a little skittish with the change in seasons, maybe I just need to build on some alternative edges?

In the future im sure I’ll look to this time of year to take some breaks away although having more strings to my bow is definitely important. In the winter months it’s quite possible for the racing to get snowed off. Hopefully it won’t obviously, although trading other sports could be a good idea.

I’m glad I chose a week in October to go as the markets have felt really poor to me. Personally I would say their on par with January and February from what I remember early this year. That should all change though when the jumps season starts to set in properly, before we know it Christmas and the King George will be upon us!! Looking forward to that for sure.


Suppose the next thing is; Where to go next ?!

4 thoughts on “Betfair Break To Egypt! Absolutely Scorching…

  1. Hey Caan, Sounds like you had fab holls and i am glad as it is very inspiring to read its paid for from trading and how life seems good for you 🙂

  2. How the other half live eh? Good to hear you had a good time Caan. Makes me thirsty just looking at those sunny pics! Problem is it’ll probably take you another week of trading to get enough cash for the next holiday! Cheers – Dave.

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