James Arthur….

Evening all,

I haven’t had a huge amount of time to trade this past week, although the markets seemed a lot better on Wednesday when I did get the chance, which is good news!

So, I’ve never been a massive fan of The X Factor, although I’ve always been subjected to watching it through my interactions with the fairer sex. Occasionally, I’d look at the odds but never really attempted to trade it properly. Tonight, I leaped, not with outrageous stakes, but I had a go nonetheless. During the show, I think I learned a lot and will be better prepared next week if I’m not out. It’s very different from trading the horses but an eye-opener for sure. I don’t suppose I’ll make a huge amount, but over the coming weeks, it could become of interest by the time the show finishes.

Jahmene had a bit of a cracker by all accounts, and I was rather shocked to see him shorten into the favourite at one point. For weeks, I’ve been saying to friends that Ella is way too short so early on, particularly at odds-on! Despite feeling so strong, I never put my money where my mouth is! Turns out that could have been a profitable exercise! Anyway, this week I lost £4, hardly an issue. Prior to the show tonight, I was eyeing up James Arthur as I thought he was priced a little high at 6.0. After Jahmene’s performance and Ella’s strength in the market, it’s pumped it up even more. I’m no X Factor expert, but I think 7.8 is far too high for James’ chance. Even if he’s not to win, I think the chance of his price shortening is far superior to it inflating.

A cheeky £50 in at 7.8 to start me off (before someone points it out, I fed another tenner in after the screenshot)… Guess we’ll just have to see how this pans out!

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