The bigger picture!

Well, it looks like that was a decent call initially on James Arthur. I’ve taken half my stake out at 6.6. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so tight on the stakes, but I’m no pro in this area, so I’m not going to push the boundaries… yet…

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. For a start, life seems to be so hectic for me at the moment, although I’m fully aware it’s because I make it like that! I simply wouldn’t have it any other way for now. It’s all part of the bigger picture as I see it. I’ll be posting more often leading up to the Christmas fun, so don’t think it’s one of those blogs that fizzled out!

The recent pre-race markets have been a little sketchy at times, although I get the feeling they are starting to fill up more, which is a good sign. On the whole, I’ve found them this week to be pretty good, with some nice movement in places! I’m looking forward to the big runners starting to make more and more appearances leading up to Cheltenham. This year I might even treat myself to a bit of ante-post trading, but that’ll be for another post.

This year has been a real whirlwind for me, and had I carried on with the 2010 challenge of making £28k over the year, I would have blown it out of the water! This really makes my head ache when thinking about the future! At the moment, the steady daytime job is becoming more and more pressure. At times I just think it’s not so fair, and I really don’t have to take this due to my alternate ventures. Although for now, I’ll crack on (it’s really quite cold of a morning, and I really have to convince myself each day!).

So looking at the bigger picture, there’s a lot laid out in front of me! I’ll be moving in the next month or so, which is probably my least favorite task, but I’m well overdue for a decent upgrade! Christmas in between before some poor markets and probably cancellations in January/February, followed up by the big dipper! March, Cheltenham. It’s probably really quite likely shortly after that I may leave the normal job. I could afford to quite easily on the Betfair income at the moment, although I don’t think it’s wise to with the winter coming – I have to keep saying that just to stop myself (it’s becoming boring already, though).

Much like when reading a race, though, it’s important to look at the bigger picture in general rather than one particular runner or avenue of development. Hopefully, by June/July, I’ll have a hefty deposit for a property along with a comfortable income, leaving me in the position to invest in some property. From what I’ve read, house prices aren’t due to go up any time soon, so fingers crossed it’s right!

Always interested in generating extra revenue streams or investing, so if anyone’s got any advice, feel free to comment!!

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