Eureka!….. well that’s a good nights sleep out the window

I’m sure anyone who’s got stuck into the markets can relate to this – having an overactive mind can drive me nuts when it gets to bet time, last night was no exception.

Largely it can be a real pain to be tossing and turning at 2am as your mind’s in over-drive, although when you think you’ve just worked out a new way into the markets that could potentially change things its hard to forget about it and fall asleep!

Some of my best trading realisations have come laying in bed of an evening although I’ve probably paid for them heavily in lack of sleep. Having been doing this for a while now it’s really quite easy to get stuck in the rut of taking the money and not adapting, and im aware that’s more than enough for most but it gets rather frustrating after a while with a lack of improvement.

This week I’ve decided to start taking a look at various statistics about the market. It’s not something I’ve ever done before apart from with the obvious back-to-lay angle in-play but im hoping it’ll spark some more interest and motivation if nothing else! If there are any excel wizards out there with a database or even you have any good sources for data I’d be interested to hear where I can find some good info! Feel free to comment of if you don’t want to you can mail me at support.

The transitional period isn’t far off with the Flat to Jumps seasons changing so if you’ve been trading recently it’s important to bear in mind over the next month or two the market behaviour will change somewhat…

One thought on “Eureka!….. well that’s a good nights sleep out the window

  1. Hi there mate!

    This a link I´ve found during my research about trading. Please be aware that I am a NOOB and I don´t even can make any profit on the markets…. except when you post some tips! 😀 By the way thanks for that!

    I’m not sure if know this, maybe you do… at least I tried!

    Keep up the good work, because you’re a real source of inspiration.

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