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Fail elegantly & exceed wildly – Goodwood!

So this week see’s Glorious Goodwood once more. Over the years I’ve come to realise Goodwood isn’t as exciting as it used to be, I think the overall turnover is less and it doesn’t compare to the likes of Ascot or Cheltenham although that said it can be better than the average card – depending on how you approach things…

I see this clip earlier in the week and it stuck in my mind with regards to trading as the principle is the same!

When I say the principle is the same im of course talking about testing a new angle into the markets. There are no end of ways to trade a market with the well-known phrase ”more than one way to skin a cat” springing to mind. However, it doesn’t do to get too excited early on until you have back tested the strategy a fair bit!

So the advice is to ‘fail elegantly’ and test your angle many times on small stakes keeping track before ‘exceeding wildly’ by cranking up the ante when you know it works!! Its easier for me to say this I know as I’ve been around the block a few times but trading Goodwood is different to trading a normal weeks racing much like Cheltenham being different once more.

Goodwood is generally more ‘stable’ than the average market with more turnover in the last 2 minutes before post although not to the level of the great Cheltenham markets. When looking at scalping the markets its important to bear this in mind!

Earlier in the week I added another clip to the YouTube channel highlighting the importance of ‘liquidity’ see below!

3 thoughts on “Fail elegantly & exceed wildly – Goodwood!

    1. Gaps in the market mate, when there is say small money scattered about between 4.0 4.1 a gap at 4.2(nothing there) then more money at 4.3 4.4 its not a bad idea to ‘plug the gap’ at 4.2 with a small stake because when a genuine bet comes in and swipes the prices at 4.4 – 4.1 you get filled at a value price… its not one you’ll get away with on larger stakes as you can end up over-exposed but volatile markets on small stakes you can get a favorable ‘fill’ of bets. Markets like the US and Dogs races are ideal for it.

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