Evening racing!! woohooo!!!

It’s here! At last!!!

The evening racing schedule has started, its my absolute favourite time of year! Why? …let me explain!


Whats all the commotion about you may think? … Evening racing is something im very passionate about, the reason being it’s where I learnt my trade! I used to work a regular job 7.30 – 3.30 before I did this for a living which was rather frustrating as by the time I got in from work I’d already missed most if not all of the afternoons cards!

As many do when they start trading and even more so when they start to get the hang of things I too wanted to trade as much as possible and not ‘miss out’ on any races! at times that in itself can be counter-productive. However when the evenings get longer and there is more racing things change, it was then that I first had the realisation and a bit of a ‘eureka’ moment!

Being relaxed and ready as I have harped on about in previous posts is essential to consistency, so if you’ve just got in for work and you know the racing’s on until 8.15 tomorrow then whats the rush?! a good 4 hours trading time there – that’s more than a whole days trading time for the pro’s in winter! It’s a great time of year and most definitely the easiest to double your income from your standard job without having to take the risk of chucking in the towel….. and if you’re full-time, well… you can pick and choose your hours more or better still, double your returns!!!

But it just get’s better still, there is more! The markets tend to behave slightly differently to the daytime races I always think. Not in a massive way although in my opinion they tend to trend a little smoother, maybe it’s because not quite so much money is turned over or because the betting public are at home there is less ‘shrewd’ money and more punting from your average Joe than in the day. I’m not 100% sure why, but either way I’d say its far better conditions to make some lower stress trades! It certainly turns out that way for me, I’ll be adding a whole section to the Video Pack over the coming month to do with evening racing.

So, in a nutshell… let the good times roll, fill yer boots!!

The only problem if you’ve been reading since last year is with the better weather and longer days it’s hard to fight the temptation to spend each night in a beer garden with your feet up!!

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