Exposing SkyBet & A Strategy to Beat Them!

SkyBet is one of the most popular bookmakers out there. They have the advantage of having a massive TV global brand in Sky to push them along, using Sky Sports to link in with their betting. They offer decent free bets to new customers, and it’s easy for anyone new to betting to choose them.

The question is though; should they? I’ve seen time and time again the dirty tricks employed by SkyBet, and how everything doesn’t seem to be as easy as their adverts. Most of the content in the below video SkyBet don’t want you to know – which is the truth!

Five Shocking Truths About SkyBet

  1. SkyBet have emailed excluded customers a promotion. This is really bad behaviour. In fact, this is actually the worse thing a bookmaker can do. I wouldn’t be surprised if the person that did this got sacked afterwards, because it’s that far out of line. If you have a gambling problem, this is the last thing you need. Ironically SkyBet appear to be concerned about all these affordability issues which are a hot topic in the gambling industry, but then they go and do this.
  2. SkyBet are quick to shout “fraud” when you beat their prices. Quite frankly, this is laughable. SkyBet have the advantage here – after all, they get to set their own odds. Just because a customer wins from taking those odds, doesn’t make it fraud. This type of email accusing someone winning money of fraud is ridiculous to be honest, and best ignored!
  3. SkyBet restrict winning accounts. This one has been going on for years. Anyone who likes betting and wins money will know how the bookmakers really behave but for anyone that doesn’t know if you win money with your SkyBet account then they will restrict you to betting for pennies. This won’t just apply to winners too, if also applies to anyone who likes to bet at value bets and Matched Bettors who like to take advantage of the free bets. Basically in a nutshell, SkyBet just want a lot of losers who bet on football Acca’s that will never be good value.
  4. SkyBet’s targetting practices. Think about it, SkyBet know exactly how to find winning accounts and the accounts taking value prices – so why wouldn’t they target the big losers? The technology they use is very advanced, and they can easily find if someone has a gambling problem or not, they just choose not to use it. Again, they hide behind the affordability checks but send sly free bet offers to their email to get them back betting.
  5. SkyBet refused to pay out massive winnings. The example of this within the video is pretty shocking, and very poor form. They refused to pay out a young mum £10,000 based on the IP address which is nonsense really. When you think about the fact they claim to not be able to find problem gamblers but then refuse to pay out a winner based on an IP address; does it add up?

If you experienced any of these things with SkyBet please let me know in the comments below! 

SkyBet Strategy…

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