Female Betting Accounts Get Restricted Faster?

Female Betting

You may have seen the recent news about female betting accounts getting restricted quickly.

But is it true? And if it is, can you get around this problem?

For women (and maybe men) that are matched betting, value punting or placing arbitrage bets, account restrictions are unwelcome news. It slows down and sometimes prohibits a fruitful income. In this post, I’ll share my views on the issue along with some solutions.

Are Female Accounts Singled Out?

In short, I suspect they are… but it’s nothing to do with sexual discrimination.

I have several female friends who have lost their betting accounts in a similar manner. One or two have had their Bet365 account restricted doing similar things to myself.

However, in their case – it happened a lot faster.

For one or two of them, it happened in under 48hrs. On my account, it took significantly longer (although it was less recent).

Could it be that they were flagged from the moment they registered though?

It’s incredibly hard to tell for sure. In the bookie’s defence (rarely will you hear me say that) there are so many different variables that could contribute to restriction. It would be incredibly naive to think their systems are so primitive that they rely on just one or two factors.

Looking at Bet365’s annual statement, page 6 of the director’s report says:

“the Group is currently investigating the potential usefulness of machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop”

Denise Coates is no fool. Whilst they may be developing these technologies to stop problem gambling, you can bet it has an alternate use – identifying winners fast.

Note for punters: Exchange accounts never get restricted for winning [click here].

Identifying player behaviour is a complex task, regardless of gender.

The list of variables is extensive:

  • Account-holders age
  • Sex of account holder
  • Geographical location
  • Education level
  • Types of bet placed
  • Betting history
  • Deposit history
  • Account age
  • Free bets claimed
  • Staking patterns

These are just the first to mind, the potential list is massive…

If you’ve had problems with account restriction, see this video about How to Avoid Gubbing on YouTube.

Is There Equality in Betting?

If bookmakers marketing is anything to go by, there never will be. What a nice pair…

Female Equality in Betting

Do so many presenting jobs in the industry go-to women because of their extensive sports knowledge?

…before the professionally outraged start – it was just a joke.

My Personal View:

Whilst it may seem surprising at first, its quite likely betting account behaviours are bracketed by gender. In the same way, they might be on age or geographical location…

The difference being; the media isn’t obsessed with equality in those areas.

Whether you think it’s right or wrong, the world will never be equal. It’s daft to think otherwise! In this instance, it’s unfortunate if you’re one of the fairer sex, and trying to avoid account restriction.

However, you should realise it’s probably got far more to do with your betting activity. This is, of course, another bias, one that the media are less keen to talk about. To me, if you’re a company offering a product – it should hold the same price and availability to all of your customers, regardless of any variable, like gender or historic success.

Update: Bookmakers View

From the horse’s mouth (in response to the guardian’s article on Twitter)…

ben star sports

In my opinion, Ben is one of the nicer bookmakers you’ll come across. However, it’s interesting to see these remarks!

Are you a female with a successful betting history? Let everyone know if your accounts have been restricted faster.

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7 thoughts on “Female Betting Accounts Get Restricted Faster?

  1. No, I don’t believe so.

    I’m part of a large matched betting community, where several females have kept their accounts for months at a time (because they have losing accounts).

    As soon as your accounts are in profit by 2 to 3K, you are in real danger of getting restricted, regardless of gender.

    I’m male and have had accounts restricted after just a few bets.

    Fact: bookmakers do not tolerate winners.

    1. I’ve had my account restricted I now can’t place any bets whatsoever…… I’ve been asked to withdraw my balance…. When questioning the reasons I’ve been told that someone needs to talk on the phone to me… Still waiting for the call that was booked in for a 7.30pm time slot…. That was over a week ago…yet nothing… I took over 14k in one week off them….. Thanks Bet 365!… But its not fair play to take my account away!….. Maggots!

  2. Indeed, David. I’ve been restricted for winning a couple hundred quid before!

    I think it depends a lot on how much value you’re taking…

    Although females that have done similar things to I and been stopped quicker. Coincidence? I couldn’t definitively say because there isn’t a big enough sample…

  3. Hi, I had not considered this but it makes sense to me why they would close women down quicker. Sporting fanatics are sometimes women but it is dominated by men so it stands to reason the majority of betting accounts are men. Now the hard part is saying is the ratio of women in success is higher I think the bookies will know the answer but won’t tell us so we are back to guessing. The gambling commission should make them treat accounts the same make it female.

  4. My sister has got this cracked methinks. She actually follows 2 tipster and has been successful in that he small bank now allows her to put £300 plus bets on. The way she gets around this is that she also looks for steamers in the evening. Ones that she does not think will win and lays them to lose on Betfair when they steam in. She over lays so that if it does win she breaks even but makes her money if it loses on the Exhange., which it invariably does. The bookies are happy as, to them she is losing £300 a pop, looking like a mug punter and she is happy as she is making a profit on Betfair. Happy days

  5. Simply regardless if Sex if you’re winning big you won’t be winning for long everything is stacked massively in the Bookmakers corner hit take your money over to the Exchanges

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