Getting distracted and Newmarket this week…

So you’ve prepared for your day trading Betfair, software is open and you’re all set to start! What next?

If you’re anything like me around about this time it seems just about every animal and distraction known to man in a 10 mile radius gravitates toward me, in fact im sure the animals think im this guy…..

It only ever seems to happen on the bigger days racing too! I never checked although im sure today had I looked outside my office window at 1.24 there would have been a neighbour with an industrial leaf blower/hedge trimmer, two dogs waiting to have a fight to the death, 4 Pigeons preparing to build a nest next to the window and the noisiest cat known to man ready to die a slow and very noisy death directly beneath the ledge all as the first race at Newmarket started!

Quite literally couldn’t be many more distractions if somebody tried. Rest assured they all left after the last race and will be back for Goodwood and Cheltenham next year no doubt (they never miss Cheltenham, in fact I think cats come on a from miles around to pass away under my windowsill over Cheltenham).


The Newmarket card this week was welcome after a few weeks with Wimbledon and the World Cup taking all the punters money to other markets, the added liquidity was quite refreshing in truth with it making it that bit easier to turn over the bank.

On the whole Newmarket isn’t one of the best meetings in my eyes although I quite like it with it being that middle ground between a normal days racing and a big event, the bigger events are great but these days stacks of unmatched money seem to make things that bit harder. The average kind of markets are preferable to me and that’s the way I like it as it’s the kind of racing that’s on offer the most!
Today I found the feature races to be with the most opportunity unsurprisingly with maybe a bit less than usual ‘funny business’ going on which was nice. The biggest race of the day I got in hot water rather early on although managed to pull out a fair-sized green in the end, a shame to make the early mistakes as it would have been a pretty hefty result! It’s always odd how it seems when im in more trouble in the markets I managed to start trading better to get myself out the mess, once that’s happened I go back to taking it steady.

This leaves me wondering sometimes if I approached everything with that killing instinct would result be much better on the whole? I suspect it may bring some larger losses too and much prefer the steady attitude of ‘the tortoise wins the race’.

I’ve been preparing my next post for a little while as I want to get it right, it should be a cracker and hopefully quite helpful if you have problems ‘not doing what you know you should’ so stay tuned! for the mean time keep it green!!

2 thoughts on “Getting distracted and Newmarket this week…

  1. Ha I feel your pain Caan! Just wait until you get the nagging wife, moaning kids, screaming grandchildren, door to door salesman and charity collectors and 50 calls a day from India trying to help you get your PPI refund, car crash money or even offering help with your ‘infected’ PC!!


  2. Caan
    Try some Bose QuietComfor15 headphones..absolutely brilliant and they have a noise cancelling switch on the side.!

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