Guide to Tennis Betting In-Play (Profitably)

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If it’s something you haven’t considered previously, you may want to have a look at a tennis betting in-play.

I say in-play because this part of the equation can make things very interesting. Unlike cricket trading or football, there is a mechanical structure to the points scoring system within a game.

This structure provides us with a defined set of rules, on which we can build a successful approach when betting in-play. For example; at the end of every 2 games or each set, there are natural breaks in play.

In this mini-guide, you’ll learn all the preparation you need to make even before the game starts. Also, you’ll come to understand how important factors such as pivotal games, the weather effect, ends of sets, and psychological pressure points affect tennis betting in play.

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In-Play Tennis Betting Systems…

Now, let’s get down to business. Here are some quick action points to keep in mind about in-play tennis betting strategies before we move on.

  • Singular game bets
  • Advantages in shifting odds
  • When to back outsiders

You’ll get to understand these key features of in-play betting tips as we progress in the post. Let’s begin with the preparation guide to in-play tennis betting.

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Before placing a bet, try to find out one or two pieces of information about each of the players. Such as…

What is the recent form of the players? 

This is one piece of information to keep in mind. Do the players have an easy or a tough week or month? You can build an edge through this information.

For example, having a high-ranked favourite in the poor form up against a lowly-rated high-flying underdog presents an angle from which you can place your bet.

What is their ranking?

The ranking doesn’t always come as an indicator of who will win a game, but it gives an idea of what kind of matchup you should expect.

What is their head-to-head or tie-break record? 

You’ve got to go into your stats books and find out the previous encounters between the two players up against each other. This would give an insight into how a game pans out, but not necessarily.

Which surface makes their perfect or worse game? 

You should be familiar with the surface on which the game will be played. Most players are good on carpet or synthetic turf, while some are great on clay, hard courts, or grass.

What is a player’s serve percentage?

Knowing how well a player serves or returns service can give you a hint on your tennis in-play bet. Some players don’t tend to lose many service games.

You don’t need to go too far. Visit or to get tons of important information about each of the tennis players.

Alright, then, let’s move on. You still remember our ‘quick action points?’

Key to Tennis Betting: 

In tennis betting, there are only two outcomes: a win or a loss. This makes it easy for traders or bettors as they have fewer variables to deal with. A winner can be decided by a match or a set. Invariably, there’s a match-winner or a set winner.

You can also predict which player will win the next two points because even the best players can make occasional mistakes in service or returning service. So, even if you lose the bet on the overall winner, you can still pick up some nice winnings through some smart in-play tennis betting.

Betting on a quality server like Novak Djokovic will offer insignificant odds. However, you can still get a slightly better payout offer than wagering on the overall winner of the match. Also, keep an eye on the success of the second serve. Some players give up points easily on their second serve than their opponents. This is a key stat to watch out for. However, if a player survives a comeback from 2 sets down to level at 2 sets, the likelihood of them losing is higher.

In-Play Conclusion:

A match contains between two to five sets on which you can stake. You’ll have to find out the bookmakers’ odds to maximize your betting profits. There’s always an in-play wagering option for you, but most bookmakers don’t offer the option of betting on a single point. Some bookies, however, constantly refresh their odds to provide wagers on a couple of points.

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3 thoughts on “Guide to Tennis Betting In-Play (Profitably)

  1. In bets as in any other sector, you have to study and apply yourself if you want results. Otherwise you have to rely on the best!

  2. I have been trading horse pre race for a few years now, and it is only recently I have been able to stop the “rabbit in the headlights trading” . Lost two starting banks £200 and £400, trading using small stakes so small profits but my mental approach changed on the horses after I started to trade tennis in play last year. If you mainly trade the swings in prices in tennis it can be boring, a lot of sitting just looking at the screen. I would recommend any one to give it a try, I have never been close to losing my starting bank trading tennis. The same as the horses it is the mental side you have to master. There is even a couple of you tube videos by Adam Chernoff called the Caan Berry Method.

  3. I used to analyse tennis stats to death but do not spend much time on this anymore. The graph tells me when to get involved. Patience, discipline and fully accepting the risk will see big returns if you know what you’re looking for. It takes courage and belief in your strategy.

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