Hard times…

Hey guys, been a bit of a week of mixed sorts after last tuesdays money flush! today yet again i let myself down clicking too much in-running and so im having to re-think my position.. this time i havent done anywhere near the same amount of money but it was more than a days money for me, worse still its the mental scare it leaves.
I think at the moment i’ve got a hell of a lot on my plate and considering applying for some jobs as its not panning out too well at the moment and the pressure of it all is making me do iratic things, again leading to counter productivity. Im not going to give up the In Running angles as some of them are very good but more a case of having to have a look at how im behaving and stopping myself from breaking my own rules! why do we do it?!
Also ive decided to ban myself from going out on the pop – something i’ve been doing lately which possibly isn’t helping matters, todays session i was still heavily hung over when i started (not a good idea). It seems i need to go back a few steps and revise my own preachings about shaping my enviroment and making sure im in the right frame of mind at all times trading, their simply is no other way as i see it at the moment.

Think im gonna take a bit of a break tomorrow and only do the evening card, hopefully that way ill be a bit fresher for saturday too!!

It seems ‘sink or swim’ time is on its way…. and theirs not a chance im sinking!

3 thoughts on “Hard times…

  1. Good luck Caan, I know how you are feeling right now, I’m in a similar position. Fighting against that bad mindset seems so easy when you spell it out away from the ladders, but once you are in the thick of the action it can all go out the window…………

  2. Don’t be too convinced these in running angles are very good, it’s very easy to hide flaws in your system by letting the odd few run unclosed especially in running when things are quick moving.

    Take the break tomorrow and think it thru if it’s really making money and if so is it making enough to cover the inevitable errors that crop up with in running betting.

    I’ve been at the sink or swim stage myself and sometimes you might end up like the titanic if you’re not honest with yourself and get a grip of any flaws asap.

  3. I have to agree with Anonymous here..

    Its easy to think your on to a good thing with in-play trading when in reality the higher risks you are taking will eventually cause these bigger losses wiping out the apparent “good work”.

    It may also be that you have tried to scale up your efforts too quickly and this has had a double negative impact on your results.

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