Hay-fever Today…

Blurred Vision!

Trading’s hard enough, let alone with hay-fever…

This morning the Mrs was nagging me to tend to the garden. Not the most fun task, but even worse when it sets off your hay-fever in a big way!

I hate it with a passion (hay-fever). Anyway, this afternoon didn’t go too bad. Especially when you consider I spent most of the afternoon sneezing, spluttering and with blurred vision.

Today’s Trading…

In comparison to previous weeks I feel at ease while trading now. Being inside my comfort zone while making some cash is a really nice position, but it leaves me thinking it could be time to push the stakes up a notch. Results weren’t hugely impressive although given the circumstances (hay-fever); it could have been far worse.

Scalping the markets today seemed effortless, with higher turnover and quality racing it certainly makes things easier. I felt almost like I’d not made the most of some situations available afterwards but I suppose it’s always easier after. In future I must work harder!

Here’s how it turned out:

consistency betfair

I’m happy enough with the overall result, although the results don’t particularly express how effortless trading was today.
I don’t want to jinx myself here by saying such things, but it’s quite the opposite usually. All I can think that made the markets easier to trade was the increased volumes, although outside of the market I highly suspect it was my own attitude and implementation. If one things clear to me right now it’s this; 80% of pre-race trading is all in the mind.
It sounds a little crazy at first I know. But by only ‘playing’ when I know I have higher chance of winning confidence grows pretty quick. Of course the un-natural thing to do is not take part, the hard part I think I struggled with for so long… and I’d guess is the same for many others. Particularly those that have come from a gambling background. It’s tough, but by remembering it’s not long till the next win, even if I don’t take part things get a little easier.

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