More Holiday Fun? – Work Hard, Play Hard….

….Sleep Easy

barcelona party

A month today I jumped on a plane to France for a weeks snowboarding.

It was a great craic even if it did go too fast! It’s left me hungry for more if im honest… and with it being prime time to have a break in the horse racing markets I might do just that.

Since being back the markets have been ‘Okay’ although nothing to get excited about, it’s to be expected in Jan/Feb though as I’ve said before. It has allowed me some extra time to update YouTube content though and record a few videos for the video pack. I’ll get around to uploading them this month although want to add some additional audio to one or two clips.

Working Hard?

Longer readers will know; im not the fondest of ‘working hard’ or certainly haven’t been in the past.

One of the biggest appeals to me with trading initially was being my own boss, and being able to do what I want, when I want.

That’s still the same now (and I wont be stopping the odd cheeky beer of an afternoon) but I’ve realised I find myself procrastinating too much. It’s really quite easy to do when nobody’s here to give me a kick up the…

Cheltenham’s just around the corner, followed by the flat. The flat season is pretty full-on and just seems to fly by in one big blur so I’ve started to plan ahead. More discipline with my schedule, fewer distractions, extra productivity and motivation. I find going to the gym really makes a difference to how I feel in terms of motivation so have been hitting it hard this week.

I’m all for making every second count at the moment so I’ll be working hard, both in the markets and here on the blog! As the flat kicks in things may go a little quieter with all the added evening racing.

The feedback from recent Q & A’s has been really positive so as always, if you have any good questions you think others will benefit from mail them in!

Playing Hard….

It’s not all about work though, ohhh no!

Promising myself to make the most of everything this year I’ve started to plan a few things….

This month I’m trying to persuade a couple of people to come away for a week. Unfortunately with them having ‘normal’ jobs it doesn’t look like they’ll get the time off but I’m hopeful!

I’m the grand old age of 30 in April so have set myself the goal of doing something epic to celebrate (I never really celebrate birthdays so why not?!)

Just after I’m booked up to go to Barcelona with a big group friends, which promises to be awesome. And in the summer a tour of Europe would be good, how I fit that around some of the racing I’m not too sure yet… as long a I hit the big meetings it should be fine, maybe I’ll take a lap-top with me?! maybe I can bump into some fellow traders on the way?! (if anyone’s up for that drop me an email)

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