A Major Horse Racing Gamble? How to Make a Profit Regardless…

When is a horse racing gamble actually a gamble? and how often are gambles are mis-reported?

Earlier this week the Sporting Life reported a major horse racing gamble. As you might expect, I thought it might be a great opportunity to make some money!

However, a rather shallow inspection showed a different story. Here’s a quick blog (and YouTube) unravelling all that I found…

Are Some Horse Racing Gambles Faked?

Horse racing gambles are often a topic of interest, particularly the ‘major’ ones that cause prices to crumble and burn the bookies fingers.

Many horse racing fans are well-aware of the infamous Yellow Sam Betting Coup, an incident that cost some operators millions. However, not all of the reported horse racing gambles are as genuine. In fact, it’s now commonplace to see bookmakers social media feeds, affiliates and the racing media hyping up the latest price crash.

Yet, when you look at the historical data, the first prices were rarely on offer…

oddschecker grid

I regularly see followers commenting about ‘false favourites’. I’ve wondered if there’s anything to it myself on occasion but generally thought it to be myth. However, this weeks events leaves me wondering; are some horse racing gambles faked?

I’ve put a short video together here to explain, give it a minute to get going as it includes some brief screen-recordings of the mid-morning prices…

I suspect the experienced traders amongst you may have noticed situations like this in the past as over-bet prices are nothing new. Although, this instance seemed rather extreme and just had to be shared as an example.

Be sure to let us know what you thought in the comments!

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