Horse Racing Markets Just Lately… Betfair Trading in 2014

Just this week, there seems to have been a noticeable shift in market behaviour.

I’m not the only one who’s observed it. Others have commented on it too…

Market manipulation will always exist to some extent, as that’s the nature of the game. However, in the last week or two, it has been particularly aggressive. Unusually large sums appear in the market where they don’t seem to belong. My assumption is that someone is deliberately manipulating the betting markets to benefit their own sports trading.

Check out the images below to see some of this money stacked up! Given that these aren’t the most significant races, it strikes me as risky to leave such large sums in the market. It appears that only a few individuals with substantial funds are competing in the Betfair racing markets.

Data enthusiasts who track market trends have noted that liquidity is slightly down from last year, suggesting that it’s become trickier to enter and exit the market safely. However, when you witness this kind of activity, it requires extra caution. Understanding what’s happening can lead to significant profits if you can ride the wave.

On a positive note, today the market felt more normal to me. I noticed some ‘funny business’ at one point and capitalized on it effectively, but generally, I prefer when the market behaves more naturally.

Such changes in market behaviour can play with traders’ emotions, especially those who are less experienced and not as accustomed to these fluctuations. In my view, it’s best to recognise these shifts and stay out of the market if you’re uncertain, rather than letting frustration lead to irrational trading decisions, which inevitably result in losses.

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