Horse racing markets just lately…

Just this week it seems there has been a bit of a behavioral change in the markets to me, in fact it’s not just me others have commented too.

Manipulation will always be in the market to some degree or another as is the nature of the game! But to my eyes just this last week or two it’s been a little more brutal than normal with huge sums stacked about in the market on occasion where they clearly don’t fit! Check out the images below…

Check out some of that money stacked up! (considering their not the most important races in the world) I would have thought it’s a bit of a dangerous game leaving such large sums laying about in the market but then again I would have thought there are only a handful of people with that kind of money in their account using the Betfair racing markets to compete with them.

Those that keep a lot of data on the markets suggest that liquidity is down a little on last year which suggests at times it’s a little trickier to get in and out the market safely although when this kind of stuff is going on you have to tread somewhat more carefully! It can help us make some really big profits if you manage to understand what is going on and go with it

On the plus side today it felt  better to me with things being back to normal! I spotted a little ‘funny business’ going on at one point and managed to make good use of it but on the whole I prefer it when things are a little more natural.

The trouble when market behaviour changes a little like this is it really can mess with traders emotions – particularly those who are up and coming as they aren’t so used to it! In my opinion you’re best off just accepting and not getting involved in the market if your not sure rather than getting upset as it leads to irrational trades which result in the inevitable losses!

It looks like a busy period is ahead of us with Ascot and Wimbledon not so far away now, to that end I’ve just subscribed to the tradeshark tips service. Hopefully it can aid me over the tournament this year!

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