How Does Dutching Work in Sports Betting?

In today’s article, we are going to look at the betting strategy known as “dutching”.

Simply put “dutching” is when you back multiple outcomes on the same event. The aim of dutching betting is to lower the volatility of your betting results.

Professional bettors will use dutching if they believe there is value in backing more than one outcome of an event.

In some cases dutching every single outcome of an event can produce a profit, similar to arbitrage betting.

Popular Sports And Markets For Dutching

Dutching is usually used in sports with multiple outcomes. Although it can be used in sports with only two outcomes, this however is for arbitrage purposes.

For example in horse racing you have the grand national, this event can have up to 40 horses running in a single race. Picking that single winning horse is a very difficult task. Many sharp bettors will pick multiple horses in the race that they believe have value.

Hitting winners at big odds doesn’t happen very often. By dutching multiple selections you will win more often and lower losing runs in the long term.

Another example of when you might want to look at dutching selections is tournament betting.

In tennis, we have competitions such as Wimbledon, for football, we have multiple choices. Golf tournaments attract a large amount of money which make them ideal for a dutching strategy too.

Dutching Strategy

There are multiple different staking strategies that you can use when dutching betting selections. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Staking to win the same amount; You want to stake £20 across on two outsiders in a horse race. Splitting the stakes so that an equal profit will be made on both selections.

  • Horse A has odds of 6.0
  • Horse B has odds of  8.0

Putting these figures into a handy dutching calculator, it shows that a profit of £48.57 could be made should either horse win.

Equal Stake Dutch Betting

Next up you have an equal stake dutch betting. Which simply means to stake the same amount on each selection and have variable winnings depending on the odds.

Let’s say you want to bet £10 on two big underdogs for Euro 2024.

  • Scotland are odds of 90 to win Euro 2024.
  • Norway are odds of of 50 to win Euro 2024.

Splitting your £10 equally you put £5 on each selection. If Scotland won a profit of £440 would be made, should Norway win a profit of £240 would be made.

Arbitrage Dutch Betting

Lastly, we have arbitrage dutch betting. This is when we find an opportunity to dutch every single outcome of an event in order to guarantee ourselves a profit.

Above is a very simple example of dutching two selections in order to guarantee that a profit is made. This is in a darts match between two players making it a very simple arbitrage bet.

  • Cameron Crabtree is priced at odds of 1.36
  • Connor Hopkins is priced at odd of 4.2

In this example, we are going to use a total stake of £100 splitting it across the two outcomes to make a profit of £2.73 no matter the outcome.

£75.45 is placed on Crabtree at odds of 1.36, £24.46 is placed on Hopkins at odds of 4.2. Let’s run through the maths of this arbitrage dutch to show it works

Crabtree wins = £75.45 x 0.36 = £27.16 profit – £24.46 (Hopkins loss) = £2.73

Hopkins wins = £24.46 x 3.2 =  £78.27 profit – £75.45 ( Crabtree loss) = £2.73

Is Dutch Betting A Profitable Strategy?

Dutch betting is without doubt a profitable strategy if you are either finding multiple value selections in an event or able to arbitrage all outcomes for a profit.

Taking on public favourites in horse racing and sporting tournaments has long been a favoured strategy of professional sports bettors. The key to being profitable with any betting strategy is to find value in your selections and use a smart staking strategy.

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