Indoor Snowboarding Sucks… Time To Book Up?

 All work and no play…. gets boring….

This week’s been a bit of a mixture really. Markets have traded pretty well, although at times I’ve felt a little bit of a dip in enthusiasm. Regardless of the amounts you’re managing to make in this game it can all get a little bit monotonous. Flashing colours and numbers changing, graphs moving, feeds to check. It’s very much ‘in your head’. Sometimes, dare I say it I think it’d be nice to do some form of manual work outside. Although appreciate that’d soon change with the weather.

So this week I’ve made a conscious effort to mix it up a bit. Not just in the form of having a few beers in the local beer garden either!

On Thursday evening I ventured up to Milton Keynes with my pal that come snowboarding with me in January. The indoor snow zone is always a bit of fun, and was a welcome break away from the screens. Although it doesn’t take all that long to get ‘comfortable’ in your surroundings. I often think this when trading the markets too….

It’s good to make the effort to push on find something new amongst the numbers at times, it keeps things alive. It might just be me but I like to do this with everything. And so after 20 minutes at the snow zone the various ramps and rails looked appealing.

Being fairly new to this (snowboarding a year, two holidays) I hadn’t pushed it quite so far yet…. I mean on holiday when there’s loads of powder I might have done some ballsy things with various jumps etc but an actual ramp was a new challenge….

I’m sure those of you who can actually snowboard well will find a million things wrong with my technique. But still, I managed to land it!

Disappointingly the side view wasn’t anywhere near as exhilarating. It felt like I was in the air for far longer than a second or two….. anyway, plenty of room for improvement. Just a case of where to book up next? I’m thinking of going in December/January when the racing markets are a little quieter – Anywhere in particular people suggest?

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