Inspiration… LOTS of it! Mega day out and a 1.01 loser

 Ascot Racecourse…me

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I’ve been a little quiet on the blog this week, you’re about to find out why…

I’ve been up to a mixture of things both in and out of the markets. It’s been fun!

Yup, more fun than the usual… which is saying something!

Betdaq Invite – Don’t mind if I do…

With a generous invite from the Betdaq guys on offer, it was hard to say no. Even to miss a days trading at Ascot.

Most of the time im sat here in the office watching the numbers whizz up and down. It’s probably the best way I can think of making a living, although not the most sociable!

So the chance to speak to a crowd about trading, hang out in Betdaq’s box and meet other successful exchange players was never going to be turned down… not to mention the free beer (it just tastes so much better when it’s free, doesn’t it?)

A big thanks to Betdaq for the invite… it’s far more than I’ve ever had off another exchange. One of the most positive things for me though, is the fact they’re actually care about what their customers want.

Interesting company…

So I wasn’t the only one to attend, as you may have gathered.

It was nice to chat to like-minded people, who spend their days on the exchange. Most of the time, when asked what I do, it’s met with negativity… purely because people don’t understand. Being with those that do was probably the best part. Some of which had some great stories about their experiences on the exchange.

It was massively inspiring to speak to some of these guys, who operate on a far larger scale than me… but as they put it, if they were to put their results in the public domain it’s more likely that everyone would say it’s either false or worse still – they’d be in fear of getting robbed! Hopefully I’ll see some of them around again at some point…

1.01 Loser…

It’s rare a horse trades at 1.01 and then goes on to lose the race. But of all days, it happened on Friday!

Here’s a quick clip I took on my phone from our box… If only I’d recorded them all the way to the line!

1.01 Loser

So after an exciting week it’s time to get back down to business. Sundays can be a little thin to trade so it was one for me to have off today, although the Mrs was taking a little longer than usual to get ready before we headed out for some Christmas shopping.

Trading the markets can be addictive at the best of times. I couldn’t help myself from having a cheeky hours trading while I waited…

Betfair Trading

Nothing too exciting but it’s a bit more towards that shopping… like most women, she hasn’t got a problem with spending a few quid haha!

Hope you all had a good week, I’ll get back to posting as usual this week hopefully.

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5 thoughts on “Inspiration… LOTS of it! Mega day out and a 1.01 loser

  1. Great read as always Caan, nice to see Betdaq looking after you. Hopefully one day they’ll take on Betfair and give traders a real good choice, but as said before could their server’s cope with a high volume of transactions. As I’m still at the starting stage of pre race trading and I’m getting addicted to it, but we know as winter is coming it’s the traders only enemy with meetings cancelled due to weather conditions. Maybe you could do a post on winter 2010 when we had over 2 months of snow, how did it work out for you?

  2. It’s a lonely profession trading so always a good idea to get out and meet like minded people, Caan. Most of us have plenty of mates to drink with but talking ‘shop’ they usually don’t get it so meeting up with like minded traders is always worth the effort and you usually learn something that’s to your advantage too as well as the hangover.

    All the other pro’s I’ve met have been helpful but you’ll rarely,if ever, find them on forums just because of the negativity and like you say people just don’t seem to believe you can make more than a few quid trading. Still plenty of easy cash to be made on the exchanges and hard to see that changing.

  3. Bit cheeky after praising Betdaq for their hospitality, to then go straight onto Betfair to do an hours trading.

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