January liquidity – More snowboarding? go on then…

Nearly a week into the new year and as always the markets seem to be functioning ‘Okay’ although historically January is usually a bit of a trappy month in terms of liquidity, as the month goes on I’d expect it to be much the same this time around. Last year I took a break to Teneriffe in January for that very reason before some snowboarding in France after the Cheltenham festival.

This year I didn’t have anything planned although after speaking to a friend who’s pretty keen to try out some snowboarding I couldn’t resist the temptation to book another holiday! So at the end of this week im off to Andorra. Snow fall seems pretty high where were headed so its going to be a right blast…. With the lack of punting going on in the bleak January markets it’s a win-win situation although, once im back I best do some work as I just had a few weeks off already. January/February and October/September are often quieter times of years for a horse racing trader on Betfair so its best to just accept it instead of trying to force big results out of the markets.

Trading wise its been much of the same, which gets a little boring at times after doing it for a while so the holidays will keep the drive up to keep on earning and learning. The next major stop being Cheltenham in March.

This week im going to get a few extra Videos added to the Video Pack regarding some of the crazy spoof money bouncing around in the markets just lately. At the moment it seems to be happening race in race out daily so learning to make the most of it can be quite helpful and, knowing when to avoid getting stung by it protecting the bank more importantly. While im away I’ll check into the mailbox a couple of times although the non-urgent mail will get a reply once im back.

4 thoughts on “January liquidity – More snowboarding? go on then…

  1. Have a good one Airborne! The spoofing your talking about this month has been so obvious, i’ve even wondered if this guy is actively trying to lose money!. Either that or my Market reading is improving!!!!

    1. Maybe he wants to be obvious, therefore as soon as he removes his money, people know it was spoof and it will move in his direction instantly.

      1. Yeah, could be right there Luke, who knows what his reasons are! As long as we use them to our advantage then it doesn’t really matter!

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