Industry Insiders: Sports Betting Analyst – Joseph Buchdahl

Recently I was joined by Joseph Buchdahl on the industry insiders playlist over on YouTube.

Is good to get an alternative perspective on the problems and obstacles we face.

Sometimes the smallest spark changes everything, so listen in below as Joseph shares his story…

I found Joseph’s words about Patrick beach particularly interesting as I read his book when it was first released. You can find enemy number one here.

Books by Joseph Buchdahl:

A quick reference here of the books mentioned and recently written by Joseph Buchdahl below.

Personally, I have read the first book on the list there and it was extremely well written. In places, it may seem slightly heavy for some readers, although it’s a must-read for anyone who is serious about taking their betting to the next level.

Also, you can find Joseph’s Football Data Website Here.

Who’s Next?

We have started to build up a quality playlist with some interesting names including Jason Trost from Smarkets and Ben Keith Star sports so far. If you have somebody you would like to see on the channel please let us know in the comments below.

So far popular suggestions have been somebody from Betfair to answer questions about outages, and other industry names like Neil Channing and Matthew Trenhaile.

Click Here: Full Betting Industry Insiders Playlist

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