Is Betfair Trading Still Profitable in 2021?

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It’s a fair question in some respects, but totally daft in others…

Earlier this week we had an email from a matched betting fan with the hope of turning their hand to sports trading. The overriding tone and questions within were questioning if trading Betfair was still possible and profitable.

I’ll address the points one by one in this blog as I think they’re both common and understandable queries to those who may be wondering the same. After all, things change so it’s understandable to wonder if trading Betfair is still a profitable option to those who dare try.

Will Betfair Trading Ever Stop?

Let’s think about this logically for a second. If an exchange is a place where people trade bets, how could trading stop being profitable?

It couldn’t. For Betfair trading to stop, it would need all sports trading to stop. Whilst it’s not impossible, it’s extremely unlikely that betting exchanges are going to disappear in the future. After all, they’ve been around 20 years now. The biggest threat would have to be a law change (a big one).

I understand scepticism though, it’s always healthy to question the status quo.

That’s not to say that Betfair trading is easy to master though, certainly not. Learning to trade on Betfair is far more difficult than matched betting for example. Much of the time I think these questions come from people who have previously pursued that path. There just seems to be a trend.

If that’s you, there are a few subtle but important differences to bear in mind here. Similar to matched betting, Betfair trading is not gambling if you are doing it properly. You’re looking for low-risk high reward opportunities to exploit on a systematic basis. However, it’s not an easy 123 method that anybody will succeed with. It takes longer to learn, and requires more focus and dedication. There are more variables in the mix that can change at any time, the upshot being; you can earn significantly more with Betfair trading.

Check out the image below for example; just one of many races yesterday. No bonus is required and you don’t get account restrictions for doing it.

It’s no fluke either; Betfair trading is still profitable for many different reasons. Be it advantages in timing, edges in knowledge or understanding market functions and the psychology of people that are using them.

That last point is something worth thinking about a little deeper. There are always people who give away value, in all walks of life. Thinking about why they do it and who they are may also help you find a point of exploitation!

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  1. I remember facebooking you a message asking the same thing. After months and months and even years of failing to be a profitable trader one does have to ask – Especially with most horse racing markets being very stable these days one does have to question

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