June Trading Results 2011- £1,440.21

Perky, Like Mrs June…

It’s been a busy month and results have been okay, although it’s not what I’d hoped.

I’ve fallen short of my ambitions mainly because of the pa-lava that is my personal life; relocating to the other end of the country in order to complete a months course (job related).

Plus I’ve had all sorts of dramas with getting connected to the exchange (VPS eventually). It’s meant I missed over a weeks worth of evenings to trade which is a real pain in the arse! on top of that; my plans to go full-time have been cast into doubt for now. Purely because of the recent Betfair situation, they now want 60% Premium Charge for users who have made £250,000 over the lifetime of their account!

They say it will only affect 500 odd users initially. I doubt its going to do Betfair any favours on the whole though. It wont effect me for a long time yet, although it’s something to think about as they could always bring the threshold down should they get even greedier! That’s my main concern. Surely they don’t want to kill off all their profitable customers? Or do they?

Steady Progress

Anyway on to this months antics!

The month started much like last, rather well. Consistency has been steady, I started to up the stakes a little and that paid off well too. Having the 8 or 9 days off (due to the connection stuff) I felt a little un-confident coming back, also because I didn’t have any live pictures at my temporary setup!

Coming back from the break started off really well. The first day back was a cracker, only to go and blow about 60% of the days profit in the last two markets, a low blow. In short it left me feeling like shit, even though I knew why it was; lack of discipline and bigger stakes!

For a couple of days I felt like I’d lost my touch, this week it picked up again nicely though. I haven’t really noticed any massive changes yet since the Betfair announcement 2 days ago but I’m sure the markets might change as a result. I mean you can’t blame the bigger players for altering their game or even clearing off for losing over half their profits to BF.

June’s result – £1,440.21

It’s not a bad result considering this week there was no time to trade the daytime markets, and couple of hours in the evening too.

The break away from home’s forced me to have a little more time to read as well. I’ve started reading some interesting material on Nero Linguistic Programming which looks like it could be pretty productive, even though I’m familiar with most the techniques previously just didn’t realise its official name.

With mindset being so important to the markets it’s always good to read up on new material. This last few months sudden change in results has certainly been part of it for me.

Thanks for all the comments on the previous post too guys, its good to know some enjoy the read. Oh and if you’re wondering what the picture’s about… its ‘Mrs June’ 🙂

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2 thoughts on “June Trading Results 2011- £1,440.21

  1. I remember seeing a few videos of you trading a while back, seemed okay to me but now you’ve definitely turned the corner as they say. Well done, keep up the good work.

    Do you have any recent videos of yourself trading?

  2. Hi anon, yea its just the same to be honest except with bigger stakes.. cutting losses quicker and letting winners roll a bit further. Definately turned a corner like you say, thanks

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