Learning To Trade Betfair On £10 Stakes [Video]

Stage Caan

If you’re going to be successful while learning to trade Betfair, you need to know what to look for in the markets.

That’s why I’ve created this video focusing on live greyhound races. I’ve sat down for 20 minutes and gone through the five markets in depth. What to avoid, what to look for, basically everything you need when trading. You can see my thought process when entering a trade, what I did when I made a common mistake and what indicators I look for when trading.

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5 Races: Betfair Trading Explainer…

I was delighted to see how many people this YouTube video helped in the comments. If I had to sum up why the video has helped so many it would be these three things:

  • Highlighted common mistakes new traders make
  • Key indicators to look for in the market that leads to profit
  • How to trade smaller liquid markets while learning

Given the current situation with a lack of sport on, It’s a fantastic time to learn to trade Betfair. The video shows the possibilities that you can still take advantage of. This is what I used to do before I turned full-time, and there’s no reason why you can’t implement this while sitting at home each evening after work!

Don’t waste time flicking around random markets when you could learn a lot more by just watching this video before diving in.

The video goes into detail, focusing on greyhounds, on why you should stay out of the markets at certain points and then when to act. Effectively, you are connecting the dots in the market and when everything comes into favour – that is the time to trade. When you watch the video you’ll understand.

Horse racing Trading

Horse racing trading is the most lucrative form of Betfair trading because of the amount of liquidity on offer. Everyone has to start somewhere though, and starting small while learning is key to long-term success. As detailed in the video, don’t be afraid of trading small liquidity to begin with because it’s good for experience.

However, the key is to know the correct movements to look for. If you enjoyed the video, definitely take the time to check out my Video Pack Course because it has a tonne of detail on what to look for in the markets when learning to trade on Betfair.

The YouTube video focused on which indicators that you should be paying attention to, but it’s only 19 minutes long and the Full Video Pack has 136 videos that will help speed up to process to fully understand the markets on Betfair.

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