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US Horse Racing Trading Betfair

Have you tried trading the US horse racing recently?

In the current situation, may have spent additional time trading markets in the United States.

It stands to reason.

We’re now seeing US horse racing markets trading more than £100,000 per race on a regular basis. Considering those same markets were turning over a fraction of the volume earlier in the year, it makes sense to spend a little extra time analysing them.

American horse racing trades a little different although there’s still a lot to be learnt. Like trading the greyhounds, there’s still a strong opportunity to develop your skills!

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American Horse Racing Trading Strategy:

Adjusting your strategy for the US horse racing markets is crucial. After all, every trader’s job is to fit in with the current setting and steal some value for themselves.

In order to do this effectively, you need to understand the market conditions, something that is covered extensively in the video pack course area of this site.

US racing markets operate in a similar fashion, with a few similar differences such as:

  • Total betting volumes
  • Variable start times
  • Live video streaming delays
  • Trading time-frames
  • Late influencing factors

Bearing these points in mind when building up a systematic strategy is crucial, as demonstrated in the 2 part series we recently produced for YouTube.

Take a peek for yourself…

Video Example 1: Will Rogers Downs

First up is a US horse racing trading example at Will Rogers Down (Cherokee Casino). On the whole, it was a little frustrating at times but we caught a small amount of movement with very low levels of risk. Just how I like it.

Note: it gets a better about mid-way through, although earlier comments help set the scene for what I’m doing.

Hardly a big win, but a safe approach with very low exposure.

Understanding where the value and risk are within any betting strategy is important if you’re to win long-term.

Next, the following race 15 minutes later…

Video Example 2: Tampa Bay Downs

Just about everyone will have heard of Tampa Bay, Florida. It’s one of Betfair USA’s most well-known horse racing tracks.

Short-priced favourites can be tricky to trade sometimes. Mainly because they can suck you into over-trading when there’s limited opportunity on the table.

Still, I think these USA horse racing strategy videos display the important area’s to focus on!

Time will only tell if liquidity should increase more on the US horse racing markets in the coming months, although for now, they provide a solid platform to sharpen your skills and understand the markets even if that doesn’t mean bumper-profits.

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