Light at the end of the tunnel!

So, its been pretty hard of late although i’ve managed to get some trading in where possible having connected up to what i thought was a WiFi spot for access. It provided around 0.5 Mbps pretty stable for the last few days so i thought thats cool while i await the engineer to turn up and jump me onto the local stree cabinet, and then rather luckily today when i wasnt trading the connection died completely…. after phoning BT having sused it wasnt my problem they explained to me the BT FON is more like BF CON. Reason being its different to BT Openzone in the sense it is WiFi through someone else’s router!! within range of my terminal, thats great as you pay for access… untill either whoever owns the router turns it off or decides to use the whole bandwith for a download etc in which case they get preference and you locked out untill they cease such activity….. cheers!!, assuming its probably because it was a bank holiday evening ill let it go as i only have a few days till the lines sorted here thank god!

And then its going to be like a dream come true having had to put up with no more than 0.7 Mbps for the last 2 years…..

Woooooooooo!! not that ill suddenly make more cash although it will be nice to have a crisp reliable connection for a change with no lag from time to time!

As you can imagine its been difficult for me logistically of late but im getting their now, also i’ve been checking out some new meditation and reading a really interesting book about change… it relates to trading in alot of ways so ill get a bit of a more interetsing post up later in the week!

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