Extreme measures

Oh dear… when it was looking to look so good…. unfortunately life has a habbit of throwing up these situations and has done so for me just lately in the form of breaking up with my wife. It’s not that much of a shock to me really but it highlights this video below which i feel has a distinct link to the way we think and more importantly ‘the’ way to think particularly whilst trading!
Live th ‘now’ moment! sound advice, also felt i had to stick this post up as to explain why i wont be updating the P/L publically… for obvious reasons. Although i can say up to thursday when trading ceased i was on for a good month in the green to the tune of £1180.70… far better than previous months particularly with the long break at the begining of the month. I just hope people dont stop reading as im not so keen to advertise my P/L, i think its unlikely i’ll reach the target of 28k for the year although its realisitic i can get half way their. Wont be some updates for a while obviously, although its definately not the end of the blog! Good luck if your trading this week….. and have a think about what he says in the video, particularly the first half. Live the now and remin optamistic!!

5 thoughts on “Extreme measures

  1. Sorry to hear that chuck , always hard breaking up with someone but even harder when there’s kids involved. But at the end of the day if things aren’t working out it’s in no ones interest to stick together for the sake of it.

    Good look for the future and try to keep things on a freindly basis even if it means you spend most of your time biting your lip. Kids grow up a lot faster than you’d imagine so make sure you don’t miss out.

  2. ez Caan, hope all works out for the best m8 🙂 just wanted to say thankz for being an inspiration with yr bloG — reading through yr posts has been a Great Help, and love the Eckhart Tolle edge yr on the now,.. he’s another one who’s helped me out a lot dealing with liFe. Good Luck mR 🙂 –> buckle

  3. cheers for the kind comments 🙂 … its all good i got a temporary setup going, no pics and slow internet but its just about workable until the line is fitted here…. cant wait its gonna be rapid, like a dream come true after trading all this time on pants connections lol

  4. Hey Caan,

    I ve enjoyed reading your blog over the last few months as well. You’re doing really well with the trading. I m sorry to hear about the break up as well. Keep on going though man.

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