Tradings biggest problem……. Traders


OK… so what am i getting at?….. It’s quite the opposite to the video above, let me explain….

Recently you may have watched dragons den yes? i know i do.. far better than all the soaps and drivel you see on the TV right? Now im guessing the vast majority of people reading this are agreeing if not all but anyway…. their was a young woman who gave a pitch to the dragons and fell appart completely… a proper poor pitch, the idea was ‘not bad’ and half way though the pitch you could almost feel where this was going…. down the shitter, and then Theo asked her “so what did you do for work before this” the woman replied simply “i was a future’s trader in the city for 15 years”….. at this point all of the dragons seemed to wake up and be a little more interested, my understanding of this is was not because they were interested in buying futures contracts themselves but more because of the type of person they could be potentially investing in, traders mentality are in the same bracket of entrepreneurs… fact. Her idea was ok and she recieved an investment, personally had Theo not asked that question i dont think they would have been as interested.

So, why do i feel the need to mention this? The type of people that trade are much like entrepreneurs, much like the people at Honda….. they are WHAT IF people! Now this is great in most respects but is it not also the reason most people struggle to trade?! Not only does it attract the WHAT IF people but it attracts successful WHAT IF people, a real recipie for disaster!
Trading and how it effects your mind is full of endless contradictions like this but i think the bottom line to building most of the successful attributes is just to keep plodding along OK! …… Hence the cip in reverse, just something to think about…..

2 thoughts on “Tradings biggest problem……. Traders

  1. Good post Caan, I actually watched that episode and as soon as she mentioned ‘stock market’ you knew she was getting an investment! Didn’t she claim to be the youngest ever female trader at the time? Quite an acheivement, so not just an old trader.

    I’d say that pretty much anyone who is successful at anything, potentially is going to find the discipline required to trade, very hard to master. When you are used to being successful and making money, yet are now faced with having to accept losing on a regular basis, that is very hard to stomach.

    In theory, someone who was a bit dense, had never had any real success at anything and showed no ability to be creative, thoughtful or entrepreneurial, should find it easier to take trading!

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