Hold up performer….


Only 11 days into the month and although it was a bit of a slow start it’s done me a few favours i think!

I took a long weekend off trading as it was my sons birthday and skipped last tuesdays day cards as it looked more like a waste of time than anything else. The enforced break seems to have done me some favours though, as it has in the past… seem to have returned to form this week though as if a ‘hold up performer’.

Monday – thurs this week, monday was pretty poor too i thought… but then the lower grade racing is on its way!! nooooo!

Forex fun is picking up nicely and i’ve had a few trades now, some winners some loosers. Suppose the beauty of it is i can afford to be really selective with what i put in… after much reading and studying of trends, charts and indicators i think im a little more the wiser…. im going to embark on a bit of a longer term aproach for now so….. what happens next?…….

5 thoughts on “Hold up performer….

  1. Will be following your forex with interest, I had a go a number of years ago using the Metatrader platform with Alpari as my broker, really good if you havnt heard of it, it has its own built in language so you can automate trading and create your own technical indicators.

    I gave up in the end as the leverage was such an issue and my thoughts at the time were i needed tens of £k to make any kind of dent into an income.

    good luck I look forward to the updates.

  2. Hey guys, im using metatrader4 at the moment with a alpari demo account. Maybe ill look into the leverage a little more as i didnt go too deep into it, although on initial inspection should it all go well i was thinking 5k with leverage would be enough to get started with. At the moment metatrader is all i’ve used, their seems plenty of tools to use… i might try a few others in time although it seems ample for now.


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