Long update for this week!!

You might want to grab a cuppa, as with fewer updates this week, I’m going to cover a lot at once!

Okay, so as you can imagine from previous posts, life’s been pretty busy for me this last week or so with the new arrival on top of all the usual stuff, hence fewer blog posts than usual! More updates will resume shortly…

Again this week, I’ve had a couple of people contact me feeling rather frustrated with their trading (apologies if I haven’t responded directly just yet). I even find it frustrating reading one of the guy’s mails, especially because he clearly has an angle into the markets and makes a profit, although he ends up making the odd blunder and wastes all his hard-earned cash from a couple of days in one go! I’m sure many can relate to this, as I certainly can! The worst bit seems to be that he’s all too aware of it, but it happens again and again…

As I mentioned a couple of posts back, I’m going to put together a bunch of YouTube clips to try to aid this sort of thing and get your head in the right place once I’ve moved at the end of the month. It’s something I feel pretty strongly about and think is important to progress with profits. This week, I’ve put a couple of short ones up, although I’ve been short on time. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then you may have already seen them. A couple of short confidence-building exercises I do regularly myself when I’m having a down patch. After 5 – 10 races of doing that, it usually pulls me back up to where I need to be! Sometimes just starting the day doing this can help…

Confidence builder 1

Confidence builder 2

If you have a Google account and subscribe to the YouTube channel, you’ll get updates each time I add anything.

Psychology for a trader may seem a bit deep, but in my opinion, it’s really something that’s a necessity, especially if you’re looking to make a good amount of money from it. Understanding yourself is key… Emotions like fear, greed, and euphoria can be the difference between a big win and a big loss.

Also, this week I’ve added a short clip on backing a runner only to lay it off in-running. It’s not something I do every race, although a few minutes of homework can pay off nicely along with the right approach and experience. I update the Twitter feed occasionally with selections I’m doing it on myself – it all adds up!!

Today, Sunday 18th May..

If you traded today, then I’d say it was just a typical afternoon card for this time of year. The markets are filling up nicely with more money turning over, offering us better chances to profit from, and more importantly, to get out when we’re wrong without too much pain! (particularly on larger stakes).

It wasn’t the best, but by no means the worst either. I prefer this time of year for trading for this reason alone… Plus, it’s probably the time of year I relate to improving massively. Like I say in the confidence exercise, it becomes one of those self-fulfilling prophecies where the positivity builds. Having these kinds of conditions regularly with the evenings too allowed that to happen for me and still does!

On the whole, the markets today felt pretty stable without too many freak occurrences. I skipped the Irish ones as they are often poorer in quality, and the betting public are focusing on the better races on TV. With them all starting so close together, overlaps can make the Irish ones that bit worse.

“Yeager” seemed to be the biggest mover I spotted today, although I was a little slow to catch a lot of it. Still, I’m only human!

Overall, I was still fairly happy with today’s results. Consistency is the most important thing for me in all this… So on that count, I succeeded.

P.S. If you’re expecting a reply to an email, I haven’t forgotten and will be having an email answer session later on tonight!

2 thoughts on “Long update for this week!!

  1. Really nice, I’ve been doing the confidence-building technique for a couple of days, also really consistency on my trades, ofc I’ve not made not even close to 300£ but I’m happy with the outcome, ++++greens then reds.

    On a second note, I’m approaching to you, since you have so much time on your hands (sarcastic), maybe you could do a post or a video explaining the Horse scene to us foreign’s.

    I do understand quite well how the Football scene works because in my country (Portugal) that’s the major sport, but unlike UK , horse racing here isn’t at all popular, so (from my point of view), I don’t know anything about anything, I do know that the horses have to go to post and go to the finish line, but I don’t know which venues are the most interesting, particularities about them etc. things like that.

    I’m not lazy I’ve tried and googled but it seams that there is to much info, and nothing on a “newbie” perspective.

    Anyway thanks for the post 🙂
    Joaquim Ley

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