Matched Betting v Betfair Trading: Why They Just Don’t Compare…

Matched Betting v Betfair Trading

It seems to come up a lot lately; Matched Betting v’s Betfair Trading.

But are the two even comparable?

There’s no denying, trading is the next step after matched betting for some. But I’ve noticed a trend over the last few months, here’s my take on things as somebody that’s spent the last few years living and breathing Betfair trading.

Matched Betting v’s Betfair Trading…

The first thing to say is; I’m not talking about what’s better. It depends purely on what you’re hoping to achieve.

I don’t dislike matched betting or those that do it, I think it’s a great idea. Obviously I’m a little bias towards trading, but it’s been a massive part of my life for some time now.

What I’m about to highlight here is something that’s important because, it’s not visual. There seems to be much confusion, and some are just looking at things totally wrong (in my humble opinion).

Based upon various comments, particularly on social media, and even more so on my YouTube channel there seems to be a lot of people looking at Betfair trading as though it is Matched Betting. Or that the same principles apply.

Simply, they don’t.

I can see where the confusion comes from in some ways, but it’s extremely foggy for those walking the path as betting, trading and matched betting are ‘non-visual’ activities. Plus many probably skew the truth.

It’s not like falling off a bike now is it? Everybody can clearly see where you went wrong, should it be the case.

Here’s my way of making it clear, via an analogy I created:

Fair Analogy?

If Matched Betting were walking, trading would be driving a car.

Nope, I’ve not quite lost the plot. Let me explain:

Matched Betting, by nature is extremely simple. Sure, there are additional tools and methods that can help you on your way. Having some experience and knowledge is an asset, like anything in life. But the actual process itself is extremely simple.

Just like walking… it goes a little like this; left foot forward, right foot forward, repeat over.

I’m not knocking it at all. Those greedy bookies deserve to get skinned, and if people can make a better life for their loved ones through it, then great!

Trading on the other hand, is a bit different. It’s complex, with many variables. Sure there are those 1-2-3 situations that occur, but you need to be aware of much more. Sometimes, only one other variable has to influence the situation before it’s a no-go.

Just like driving a car, still possible for anyone to master (in my opinion). But on the first day, you sit down in the driving seat. Look at the gear stick, steering wheel, pedals and mirrors before feeling well out of your depth. Worse still, if you don’t – and proceed to drive blindly, it’s likely to end up in a hell of a smash-up.

Point being: you just can’t compare the two.

With the two styles of betting, this doesn’t seem to be so clear (if YouTube, Facebook etc are anything to go on anyway).

Emerging Experts?

The reality is, and it’s the only negative I’ve noticed. There are many ‘pro walkers’ now telling others how to ‘drive a car’. Having never done it, and of course, leading others to get ‘run over’.

Not ideal.

I’m sure many don’t even realise they’re doing it, but it’s kinda counter productive for others listening. Just about everyone’s familiar with Betfair’s ‘trade like a pro’ campaign where they offered all software vendors (22 on the apps directory) the chance to put forward a highly profitable user (verified by Betfair). Only 3 found a user to do it that met the criteria, found here.

That’s not to say there isn’t thousands of others in the know, I’m sure there is. But be careful, the amount of experts seems to be on the increase, particularly as matched bettors run out of bonuses to abuse. Honestly though, how the bookies get away with calling it abuse I don’t know. They offer them!

Pro’s and Con’s

It’s not all negative though, far from it.

Both disciplines have their own positives:

Matched Betting v Betfair Trading Chart

I think its fair to say. If you’ve stumbled on this post brand spanking new. Short-term; clean up some offers, before investing a bit more time in learning about the markets for a bigger payoff.

If that’s what you plan to do…

Matched Betting v Betfair Trading: Transitioning Across

Here are a 5 short tips on making the leap:

  • Don’t expect it to happen over night, good things rarely do.
  • Become an information hoover – the beginners school tab will really help.
  • Plan meticulously. Monitoring as much as you can.
  • Analyse and learn from every mistake possible.
  • Realise a big part of successful betting is self-control and mental approach.

Whatever you do. Be clear in what you’re doing and commit, keep your betting as efficient as possible and play the long game. The biggest mistake is to repeatedly make the same ones.

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13 thoughts on “Matched Betting v Betfair Trading: Why They Just Don’t Compare…

  1. having come from a match betting background and still do the odd offer that comes along id be foolish not to such as the easy money that’s available. I like the analogy you did above match betting is like walking especially with the right software and the acca offers available can be profitable
    Trading is harder to learn but unlike match betting you wont get accounts closed or limited (a massive irritation) and i feel like i am learning a skill that i have always wanted to learn and my profits are dependant on me and not what the bookies offer

  2. Caan I absolutely agree with your 5 tips and especially No2 because without education and the right education from the right people as yourself that is, the new Trader will find it costly, tough going and maybe lose heart and join the others that say Trading is useless. Your Beginners School is where everyone new to Trading should start, even those with experience will not only learn something but will also get a reminder on a few pointers that’s been forgotten.

    1. great reply i do agree do you think new traders should be starting by doing paper trading to many punters try for the pot of gold without learning the market me included

  3. I think it’s a little strange to have the view that matched betting is easy. It can be for those who just do the Bet X get Y free bet offers every week. But as someone who does it now as my full time job (with a little trading as extra) I can assure you that it can be very hard work and some aspects are very tricky to learn. I’m not sure how many hours you trade for per week or your hourly rate, however you will have bad spells and losing days, whereas I won’t. Also much of my trading centres around spotting things while putting my offer bets on so they go very hand in hand for me.

    1. These are the exact same comments I talk about, Alan.

      ‘You will have losing days’ – what are you on about? Haven’t had one of those in years. Mistakes and losses yes, but not an entire day.

      Matched Betting is hard? Not sure if this is a serious comment to be honest.

      Thanks for the advice though…

    2. I think the comparison between matched betting and trading being like walking/driving a car is pretty fair comparison, If the car was a 380bhp rally car and you had to beat everyone else on the track to make money…

      Matched betting requires knowledge, and if you’re smashing it then yes, you have to put the hours in. Eventually though, you’re gonna get gubbed and you only have so many friends/family you can open accounts with. To compare it to trading, to put it bluntly, is an insult to anyone who can successfully trade. Trading is VERY HARD. Every matched bettor I know makes money whereas I know very very few traders who make money and even fewer who make a living.

      You may not consider matched betting easy, but there is little comparison to trading when it comes to difficulty. I mean come on. When I first started researching matched betting the first thing that came up was Mumsnet and they’re all raking it in. Show me how many stay at home facebook Mums are making 6 figures a year trading 😀

  4. Honest post but I think you have been a bit too polite Caan. Matched betting is just bonus arbitrage and seems to be bringing the groupon and car-boot type of people to trading Some of the shite they come out with is hilarious that greasy student will be trying to sell how it changed his life next

    1. jonny a little harsh match betting isnt all about the arbs making a little profit here and there for me it was about making a lot of money using the bookies cash and it works
      for me i have always wanted to try trading and have a better understanding of the market and how it works what is car boot about that

  5. For me there is no comparison Between the two. Simply down to what you are good at.
    I tried trading many times and always failed to build a bankroll because the mentality aspect always beat me.
    To make £200 trading on a saturday afternoon (even if you are really good) you’d likely need to be using £50-£100+ stakes and therefore have a Bankroll of £5000 upwards to be safe. Matched betting requires less concentration and I easily make £200 every Saturday for 3 hrs easy work and its completely guaranteed no risk.
    Saying that, Trading is clearly a hard skill that i would dearly love to be good at.

  6. I am from a matched betting background and plan to start learning to trade (reading, reading, reading) and I expect few similarities. What matched betting has done though has made me familiar with decimal odds, market depth and Betfair in general. What makes this appear to be a natural transition, for me anyway, is that matched betting has given me a substantial bankroll to learn without risking my household income. I am also under no illusion how difficult this will be. I remember placing my very first matched bet and I think it took me over half an hour, whereas now I can do it easily place a matched bet in under minute.

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