My Horse Racing Trading Setup For Betfair

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It’s time to see a Horse Racing setup that will give you an advantage when trading on Betfair.

Last week, I took you through my football trading setup and as that proved very popular, this time I take you through my setup for trading horse racing.

Check out the YouTube below for:

  • The software and hardware I use
  • My personal horse racing trading setup
  • Thoughts on “is your setup holding you back?”

As you can see in the video, the minimum advised setup specifications:

  • Windows Operating System (7, 8, 10+).
  • 1.6GHz single core processor.
  • 1GB RAM.
  • 20MB Hard disk space.

Those specifications are the bare minimum required. However, additional RAM and processing power is preferable. The majority of system resources will be taken by streaming charts and live video, particularly if set to a very high refresh rate.

These days I can’t see why anyone shouldn’t have two screens. Monitors are very cheap and you can easily pick up a suitable one from Amazon. The benefit of two screens is very straightforward – more information easily available quicker. More tabs and flicking between them just slows you down. Ideally the market should always have one screen which doesn’t change and then on the other screen you can have a couple of tabs open and flick between them when needed, as I show you in the video.

Additionally, if you want to see all my trading and YouTube equipment – I have it all listed here.

Why Software Is Important When Trading?

To tell the truth the answer to this question only needs one word: information. 

If you’re using the normal Betfair site, your information is going to be delayed when compared to someone who uses trading software. Why put yourself at that disadvantage compared to everyone else?

See for yourself: place a bet with the normal Betfair site and count how many clicks you need. Then place a bet with trading software – you only need one! So clearly that gives you an advantage over everyone else not using software. It allows you to react quicker and every split second you react quicker will likely save you thousands over the course of the year.

The trading software I use is Geekstoy and it comes highly recommended from me. As you can see in the video, I wouldn’t be without it.

What Hardware Can Help Your Trading?

When comparing hardware to software; the software is clearly the most important aspect. However, there are a couple of little tips when selecting what hardware to use.

The main thing you need from a hardware point of view is plenty of screen space. More screen space means more ladders, streaming charts or anything else you might like when trading. It allows for more information at your fingers tips and this allows you form a better opinion within the market.

I’ve already said above, you need two screens and what is the minimum requirement for your computer to run the trading software. You can also add a hotkey pad if you don’t like using a mouse – that’s something I’ve used before. A small point as well is that you need a TV to view the race as we come to post time. I have a spare TV in the room, however I’m aware most people will use the live Betfair feed which is fine when you have two screens.

Lastly, one of the most important things that isn’t talked about enough is the environment in which you trade. If you have a family, you’re going to need an office. There will be too many distractions to simply trade using the kitchen table while the kids are running around or anything like that. It’s a very important but basic point that not enough traders do in my opinion. If you want to be professional, then start by acting like one. Putting everything in place is an easy thing to do and there’s no reason why your setup should hold you back.

Recent Update: Guide to the In Running Trading Tool for Horse Racing

5 thoughts on “My Horse Racing Trading Setup For Betfair

  1. Nice one – thanks. Just started with Geeks Toy, loving it so far. Have a similar setup but how do you enable the dark green bars showing recent bets? Cheers.

    1. Hey John, it’s in the video – extremely briefly! – at 04:43… right click on the top of the ladder; select Visual Options; then select Last Traded Bar History (seconds).

  2. Hi,

    I’m looking for advice on buying a new desktop computer or upgrading my existing computer and set up my trading desk. What specs / size should I be looking at for the computer and the monitors

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