My Best Trade This Year! (& How Much Betfair Pay Me)

What a depressing year it’s been!

It started it with a car accident on route to the Airport for a breakaway, shortly followed by mass sporting cancellations…

But there’s no point letting it get you down, right?

So here’s a quick update to share my thoughts and experiences on:

  • My recent trades
  • How I’ve adapted focus
  • How much Betfair pay me

Typically, I ignore the sly pot-shots and dirty tactics from other ‘vendors’ that are used in an attempt to sew the seeds of doubt and negativity about me. But this week, a couple of you have sent messages to say they’re at it again…


It’s always been my philosophy not to look at others, but one of constant self-improvement.

Kaizen, yea?

Kaizen symbol

Sadly it’s not the same for everyone. Following and mimicking all that you do!

Best Trades & Repeating Patterns…

Following Goodwood, I knew the markets would be weak, so I took the opportunity for a quick break away…

Turns out it was a good trade-off.

It’s not been the only positive trade this year though, there have been many! As explained next.

Coming back to the markets from an extended break seems to have a strange impact on how I behave. To me, it doesn’t make any logical sense. Why would my trading suddenly improve, purely because I’ve had a week off?

In the earlier stages of full-time trading I was extremely concerned to have a break away from the screens, I thought I’d lose the golden touch or something. However, it turns out to be quite the opposite. I’d love to know why?!

A few snaps from this weeks trade-off…

Click the videos to play and view more pics on Instagram…

beach view

The book I was reading on holiday (pictured above) is Soccernomics by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski if you’re interested.

With the problems the pandemic has presented this year it’s forced me to adapt my attention and focus. I’m grateful for it, as I probably wouldn’t have pursued books like the aforementioned, looked at different markets or improved the YouTube channel. It’s often easy to lean on existing comforts instead of pursuing change.

Trading Liabilities for Assets

Being young and naive in the past has cost me…

“It’s not about how much money you make, but more about how much you can keep and re-invest”

Over the last couple of years I’ve heavily re-invested trading profits into things that matter, rather than people that don’t.

The site has improved drastically, a community forum added, Profit Rush has been created from scratch, allowing thousands of others to make a side-income from nothing. I’ve also built a portfolio of other investments whilst managing to enjoy the odd break at the same time.

However, the most powerful trade has to have been in people. Particularly when it comes to trading in the old battle-axe, for a newer model.

Admittedly, it’s not the best time for shareholders right now, but we can’t get everything right.

Here’s a recent YouTube upload on my overall mindset changes when it comes to money…

How Much Betfair Pay Me…

Now, to respond to a couple of comments that have insinuated that I am some kind of “Betfair super-affiliate”.

This is incorrect. All of the websites, content and holiday’s etc that you see have been funded by my own hard work.

I’m not looking to pitch myself here as some kind of “Angel” that does everything for free, out of the goodness of my ego (whilst pulling hundreds of thousands a year in software subscriptions).

I do have an affiliate account with Betfair.

Here is why:

  • In 2014 they featured me as one of their top exchange users in a marketing campaign
  • I didn’t have a software product to sell off the back of it
  • They didn’t pay me a penny for taking part

By the nature of my successes on the exchange, it benefits their bottom-line profit. Why shouldn’t they at least pay me something? It’s certainly not as if I am attempting to promote a product or service that I do not believe in or have not used. I wouldn’t do that.

So, here’s a video showing all the money that Betfair have paid me over the last 10 years…


As you can see; at the current rate, if I save all of the affiliate revenue Betfair gives me I’ll be able to afford another holiday for me and the Mrs in 5 years time! Booom!!

Update 2021: I’m no longer a Betfair affiliate.

7 thoughts on “My Best Trade This Year! (& How Much Betfair Pay Me)

  1. hahaaa the funny thing is that he goes to so much effort to pretend he is not looking at anybody else and then copies everything they do. Good on you its great to see you succeed over the years Caan nice looking girl too!

    1. Maybe, but I don’t feel hard done-by. They never promised me more and, without them, nothing else would exist and I wouldn’t have succeeded on the exchanges. When you consider all the premium charges it leaves a bit of a bitter taste, but still.

  2. Anyone with half a brain cell can see why he does what he does just rise above it mate. I appreciate what you do and so do others keep it coming

  3. Caan
    You’ll always get people who are jealous of someone successful.I’m not jealous of the money you make but jealous of how you managed to conquer the art of trading as it’s extremely difficult ..I’ve tried it off and on over the years but always failed as my discipline is terrible
    I’m not bitter about it though and wish you all the best mate
    I know you’re a decent guy as I’ve followed you for around 6 years by that I don’t mean stalked

  4. Cann is it true that software sellers get comm on your losses if you are using the software when you place the bet?

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