Profit Rush Review | FREE Matched Betting!

Profit Rush Review

Interested in FREE Matched Betting tools, software and advice? Profit Rush has arrived!

Yup, it really is 100% free to use…

In this Profit Rush review, we’re going to take a deep look at everything has to offer. It’s a slightly longer article than usual, so you may want to skip ahead on the short-links provided below:

Read on for a peak on the inside…

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What is Profit Rush? (General Overview)

Matched Betting isn’t a new concept at all, it’s been around for years. Typically, it’s simple in application but can be a time-consuming process. There have been several services sprout up over the last 5 years…

As a public figure within the industry, I wasn’t surprised when two of the largest companies reached out. They made it clear in no uncertain terms; they were looking to take the sports trading sector by storm. The only trouble being; they didn’t know anything about trading.

Profit Rush Logo

Although I wasn’t keen on ‘selling-out’ to them, it left me with a thought.

Why not create our own matched betting service?

So, with that in mind, I decided to re-invest some trading profits, expand the team and join forces with the Geeks Toy developers. This is how Profit Rush was born.

Profit Rush is a brand new premium matched betting service, and it’s completely FREE.

Profit Rush Features:

Unlike most of the matched betting sites, profit rush has everything you need:

  • Price matching software
  • Bet calculation tools
  • Betfair Integration
  • Individual profit tracer
  • New offers calendar
  • Support forum

All are discussed individually below.

However, the main difference between Profit Rush and anywhere else is price. Did I mention it’s FREE?

We believe in supplying premium features at a non-premium price…

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Price Matcher Software:

Matched betting works by converting bookmakers bonuses into withdraw-able cash.

But you need more than a bonus…

Efficient bet placement means you’ll retain as much profit as possible. But finding similar odds on bookmaker and exchange isn’t the quickest process in the world. This is why Profit Rush has a price matching tool.

How does the price matcher work?

It’s easy to use and it’ll save you a huge amount of time. You don’t need to be a betting expert either, the matcher will tell you where to place your bets!

It does this by scanning all of the available prices and filtering out the very best options.

Here’s a look at the filtering panel:

Profit Rush Matcher

Very little explanation is required.

Just select a sport, market type, exchange, odds criteria and bookmaker before tapping ‘GET MATCH’.

The price matcher will then return a list of effective matches between your chosen providers.

Results look like this:

You’re then able to review the selections and calculate the likely outputs. It’ll only take a few seconds.

We’ve also taken special care to offer Betfair integration, meaning you can place the matched bet straight into Betfair by clicking the calculator icon on display.

Tutorials & Training Videos:

Profit Rush has a video training section to complement all of the tools and features mentioned throughout this article.

You can find them laid out under the ‘Courses Home’ tab of your User Dashboard.

These videos have been created with the simplest explanations available. The training videos are thorough but concise, and if you don’t understand something – there’s a user forum where you can ask for help (see later in this review).

At the time of publishing, there are 20+ training tutorials to view. I’ve no doubt that there will be more added in the near future too.

Matched Betting Calculator…

Doing the numbers manually can be confusing for some, and often leads to mistakes. Profit Rush’s matched betting calculator has that one covered too.

As you might expect, you just need to input the figures from the price matcher and select the bet type.

There are 3 modes to operate the calculator in:

  • Normal
  • Free Bet
  • Risk-Free Bet

Profit Rush Calculator

From there the Profit Rush calculator will update automatically, telling you all the numbers.

That’s not all though, you can make the process even simpler by using integration…

Matched Betting Integration?

At this stage, the matched betting calculator has integration for Betfair’s Exchange. In coming months, other exchanges may be added.

Once you have linked your Profit Rush account with Betfair, clicking the integration icon on the Price Matcher will automatically populate all fields in line with your exchange account.

We’ve kept it nice and simple, as seen below:

Using Betfair integration will speed up the entire process, remove mistakes created by manual error and protect users against partial matches.

Note: the account balance is undefined as the images was taken from a test environment.

Offers & Profit Available:

Some matched bettors report profits north of £1,500 for the first month. This is dependant on which accounts and offers you may have already taken advantage of.

Inside Profit Rush, there’s a New Account offers list, segregated by the offer type.

The offers are focused on the best offers to exploit, rather than heaps of low-return or high-risk options.

…nobody likes them, do they?

Once you’ve completed all the sign-ups there’s a selection of reload offers available via the daily offers calendar. They rarely offer large returns but making £400+ a month is possible for those who know what they’re doing.

Profit Tracer Tool:

Anyone who’s doing this seriously will know – keeping track of your results is crucial.

Be it a sideline or full-time income, you need to know where you’re excelling…

Profit Rush Tracer

Saved inside your own personal account, the profit tracer allows you to submit, edit and delete custom-matched bets. Created from a drop-down menu, you’re able to select all of the most important criteria surrounding your matched bets. Be it qualifier or profit rush end of the bet.

Once each entry is added the profit tracer will update your lifetime and 30-day profits, over a rolling 30-day window.

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Matched Betting Forum:

Starting to matched bet can be daunting for the first time, with many questions to ask…

The Profit Rush forum has several sections to browse and contribute. If you’re a newbie or die-hard user, it’s worth a look.

Broken down into 4 main categories there’s something for everyone.

Why not drop in and say Hi?

Free Matched Betting Community

To view this matched betting forum, just navigate via the sites header bar.

Contributors need to be logged in.

Service & Support

I’m not sure if I mentioned yet but, Profit Rush is completely FREE, therefore resources are limited.

The team will be working hard on improving the features and training on offer so the forum is the first port of call. Being a free matched betting site means it’s likely there will be a lot of useful members sprouting up to help the lesser-experienced users.

In the future, there may be added service support too! If you’re interested in being part of this, be sure to contribute on the forum.

Review Conclusion:

On the whole, this is probably the most valuable offering you’ll find. There’s a little room for improvement, but it is a premium service, for absolutely nothing.

For those without a hidden agenda, there’s very little to complain about. It does exactly what it says on the tin; free matched betting software, tools, guidance and community – all under one roof.

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26 thoughts on “Profit Rush Review | FREE Matched Betting!

  1. This is exactly what you are all about Caan. Anything to beat the bookies or the rip off merchants out there. I’m signing up straight away. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. MickyC

  2. I didn’t expect to see this here! Great news and congratulations it looks like you have done a proper job.

  3. Cheers Caan – looks like I can now cancel my monthly subscription to a rival MatchedBetting website now, & save myself a few quid. I’ll lose the 0% commission deal @ my Exchange, but I’m already gubbed from a lot of bookies, so I’ll not be paying much in commission anyway when I cancel. The main tool for me is the oddsfinder, when looking to place your bets; amazed it’s free!

  4. Great article! Informative as always. Check this out for more betting information that could help you win it! (link removed).

  5. I am not surprised at all. You are one of those people who are always thinking ahead it’s probably what helped you become a successful in the first place. Good luck matched betting is a great way to make money.

  6. I wonder how long it will be before the daggers come out for you Caan but I applaud the efforts of yourself and the Geek. This looks like a very simple but clean product. The only criticism would be that you need to get a 0% commission deal from the exchanges. I believe Smarkets do this a lot for the matched betting services. Good luck I hope to see it expand.

    1. Thanks Ian. They’re already well and truly out mate! From the start we had som web attacks etc… Just business though hey, had it with my site in the past too. The 0% deal has been added, as have several other features already. Interest is growing by the day.

  7. Hi Caan. Thank you for this as I know this is the only free matched betting service to have the data tools available?
    There is space for modification and improvement but a very promising start. I will use it for a couple of weeks and report any feedback thank you.

    1. How are you finding it Psy? Its the only premium one thats free I know of yes. We intend to keep it that way too, so long as the exchange links can cover the running costs eventually. Cheers.

  8. Hi, Caan. I’ve bought your products in the passed and I’m a Geeks Toy License holder. But can you explain why this is FREE? Will you making a charge in the future?

  9. At 73 I have no idea what Matched betting is, maybe something to do with bookies offers? I am still learning your course Caan, at least I am persevering and progressing slowly as each week passes. I shall join “Profit Rush” today with the hope that I am able to understand it (severe reading problems). I have the time to invest so I may as well invest it in something worthwhile, thank you and your teams efforts and the kind Free offer for which I thank you.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Miro 🙂

      I remember when I first started learning about it, I felt it was really tricky, but once I gave it a shot I realised it’s not too complicated. It just takes a little getting used to. Simply put, you’re taking Bookkeepers up on any ‘promotional’ betting offers they have, placing a bet on the bookie end, and then ‘laying’ (or betting against) that same bet on the Bet-fair Exchange. By doing so, you are cancelling out your bets (with the help of a calculator that Caan mentioned is inbuilt!) and you are left with either an arbitrage profit, or the chance to ‘hit’ a promo bet. Hopefully that’s a helpful intro to the gist of it, best of luck!

  10. Hi, I found your site by chance through some info about the mpsnare tracker which led me here a little while ago. I been matched betting for about a month now, and just found out about Profit Rush, which I am definitely going to join, and then cancel my paid subs if it works out.

    I have only been MBing for just over a month and have made almost £250 so far with the welcome offers, but I am wanting to get onto the reload offers very soon. My husband was thinking about it too, but he can’t MB due to the restrictions placed by the bookies of only one person/household being able to set up an account. I was wondering if he would be able to do the trading side of it without any restrictions, while I continue with the matched betting. I have exchange accounts with Betfair, Smarkets and Matchbook.


  11. Hey Caan,

    Quick q. When using the profit tracer what is the difference between qualifier and profit rush?
    Is the profit rush simply that it was placed using the profit rush integration?

    Thanks, Max

  12. Using the Price Matcher with pretty wide filter options but selecting only Smarkets as the exchange I’m getting “No Matched Results”. Should I be expecting more?

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