A Glorious Week of Racing? GG Festival…

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Another year zips around and we’re faced with the Goodwood Festival.

But is it special and how should you approach it?

A brief but honest overview…

Week in Focus:

I’m not Goodwood’s biggest fan, I’ll admit it. I’m sure there will be some strong gambles and great quality horses on show, but from a trading perspective, I’ve found it to be a bit of an anti-climax in the past.

Sure, I could sit here and tell you it’s the best racecard since sliced bread whilst reminiscing about previous wins, but my agenda is not to just sell trading guides. I like to keep it real, and honest.

What’s Likely to Happen?

There’s a specific reason I’m not so keen on the Goodwood Festival. The markets aren’t as solid and reliable as the likes of Cheltenham or Ascot, although there is increased volume passing through the markets.

You’ll probably see volumes of around 40 million over the course of the week.

The extra betting turnover is great, that can only be a good thing. However, there’s still a fair amount of movement. Unlike some of the other big festivals, large stakes don’t feel quite so comfortable.

I’ve often thought it’s probably down to overlap with the Galway Festival (the same week).

Last Year @ Goodwood:

For me, it wasn’t much different to usual, a mixed bag of good and frustrating results.

I’ve learnt a little in my old age (33) though. It’s best to start slower, step-by-step and work into the week’s activity. The earlier days are usually less fruitful anyway. Save the bigger stakes for the final two days.

That old line of “take what the market gives you” comes to mind.

The majority of market turnover came in the final 5 minutes, as usual, this should be a point of focus for many. Hopefully, scheduling is on time and delays are at a bare minimum (probably just jinxed it).

If the weather continues as it is here, they’ll be keen to get on with things!

Funny enough, the same thing happened in twenty seventeen.

At the start 2 years back:

Goodwood Weather

Coming into the last few months of the flat can be an interesting period. No doubt there’s some strategic planning at play. If you haven’t already it’s worth catching up with my last blog post…

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2 thoughts on “A Glorious Week of Racing? GG Festival…

  1. Hi Caan, Thanks for such a great site on trading strategies. Can I use you advanced trading system in the United States? Thanks.

  2. After the first day, I see what you mean by not being as solid as Cheltenham or Ascot.
    Still able to trade mind, if you can learn how the market trends.

    Also a lot of casual punters might not be around, because during the first two weeks of the school holidays, lots of people have gone away.

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