My Football Trading Setup for Betfair (Includes Settings)

Dual Monitors Football Betting Geeks Toy

Having a good Football Trading Setup for Betfair is very important. 

After many requests I’ve decided to go through my full football trading setup on YouTube. The Betfair website just isn’t good enough if you’re going to trade properly – information is often outdated and slow to refresh.

Why put yourself at a disadvantage?

Check out the video below which goes into a lot of detail as to why I have this trading setup:

There’s no reason why you can’t set up like a Professional trader. None.

It takes hours and hours of practice and research to get to a level where you can trade successfully, but you can have the same tools in ten minutes. There is no excuse.

As you can see in the video, the software I use is Geeks Toy. It has everything I need to trade successfully using that platform.

While trading, I also like to have these tabs open on my other screen:

  • Infogol – This is the best site for xG (Expected Goals) which is a fantastic tool to analyse football form. You can read one of my blogs on xG here.
  • Soccer Stats – This is my favourite site for football stats, and it has some very helpful league tables along with goal time tables. Excellent for trading.
  • Flashscore – This is straightforward. Best site for updating the scores.
  • Squawka News (Twitter) – This is for team news and anything else news related that you would need to know.

All those sites are very helpful and recommended, however the best and most up-to-date place for information is the market. That’s really what tells you what is happening.

Football Trading Settings for Geeks Toy:

The two most important areas to focus on when setting up a screen for trading are:

  • Market Overview 
  • Streaming Charts 

You need to easily see prices and pull up the relevant game when something happens. You can’t choose which match will present the opportunity so as you can see in the video, it’s very easy to track three games at once and easily pull up the charts and ladders when a goal goes in or anything else happens. Having multiple markets on the right-hand side of my screen is hugely beneficial.

The Market Overview streaming chart is a very helpful tool when trading. To explain is easily; it shows you sudden changes in price activity and the relationships between prices within the market.

Streaming charts are the best source of information you have when trading football. Nothing will be more up-to-date. Streaming charts allow you to react faster when seeing real-time information, offer a clear visible guide as to where the market is moving and you can have multiple chats along with customizing it to suit you.

You can see in my setup that I like the ladder interface with traded volume at the top and market information charts at the bottom. On the left we see the market overview chart and that is all I need. Another big advantage of using betting software when trading football is one click betting. You can see why that is such a huge advantage within the video and what type of speed it offers when trading.

What’s your football trading setup like? Drop a comment below and let me know below!

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