New year, resolutions, changing tracks and playing ball!…

Hey everyone, hope you all had a gread christmas and a good new year!
I had a bit of a quiet one myself although it was good as i had my boy for a good few days which made a change and cheered me up no end. I’ve had plenty of time to contemplate and think of how things have gone for me this year and in particular the last 6 months and its been a bit of a rollercoaster all in all thinking about it, a good one though as i’ve learnt a hell of a lot on the way about myself in particular and a fair bit about the markets too.
Ok so if i didn’t have a resolution then it just wouldn’t be new year would it? … so for me i’ve thought about it long and hard and its a reall cracker, this year im going to attempt giving up women, no i dont mean swinging the other way or anthing but this year is ‘the year’ as far as im concerned, the year i change my life and to do that im going to need to be very focused, spending alot of time pouring over the markets adapting angles and upping my game and quite frankly i havn’t got time for them.
It may seem a bit odd resolution to have but since i split with my long term mrs ive been bouncing about from one chick to another and the whole putting in groundwork, going out, spending time with them yarda yarda yarda has taken up some serious evening trading hours and study time. Its not really healthy and simply thier on hold for now, its make or break time.
This track simply sums up what i like doing and me in general, the new year is going to see alot more exercise as its enjoyable and also healthy for the mind, a sharp trader is a winning trader 😉 … changing track…………………………………….
I got that good feeling…. simply this year is ‘the year’.
Ok so i’ve read some interesting threads and post over on the geekstoy forum this week, particularly from a chap called CanaryDwarf, i met him in fact a couple of weeks back when i went for a few drinks with Jack Birkhead and some the guys from STJ. I’m looking forward to his updates and progress…. its true what he says and like him i intend to up my game this year, in a pretty drastic way… im not as experienced but im ticking over nicely now and this year i hope to make a hefty sum and possibly go full time once more when the season permits it and im making redonculous money….
The skys the limit…. so lets ‘ave it!’


One thought on “New year, resolutions, changing tracks and playing ball!…

  1. Hi Caan,
    That’s great news about you seeing your son. I m sure you’ve missed him a lot. You have a great work ethic when it comes to the markets. I m also taking a step back this year and seeing what happens. I m concentrating more on protecting the profit I do make and building it slowly rather than whacking a load down and seeing what happens. I think it’ll be more successful in the long run. Keep it going dude.

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