Locked Out? Resolving Paddy Power Account Restriction Issues…

Has Paddy Power suspended your account or imposed stake limit? Don’t panic; this happens more frequently than most realise.

Every year, countless betting accounts face closure or bet restrictions from firms like Paddy Power. They’re well aware that their actions might seem unjust, but they don’t care. You see, you only become aware of these restrictions and limits after placing mathematically profitable bets. At this point, you’re no longer of use to them (unprofitable).

If it’s happened to you by accident or not, this article will delve deeper. We’ll also look at potential courses of action…

Why Do Paddy Power Limit Winning Accounts?

Paddy Power has a reputation for imposing limits or even banning accounts that consistently win. Why? because it costs them money of course.

Historically, only the most astute gamblers faced this challenge. But in recent years, Paddy Power has considerably lowered the threshold for what they consider winning too much. Technological advancements aid them in bolstering their profit margins by only restricting those who consistently outsmart them. It’s a dirty practice, it really is.

The worst bit? You’re in a minority. Very few people are interested in listening (the majority view betting as a dirty vice).

There’s a rationale behind their strategy. By not shutting down the account entirely, they can assert ‘we don’t ban winning accounts’. Some punters then move on to the gaming section of their sites where the odds are unbeatable. Earning substantial profits becomes an elusive dream.

paddy power stake restricted limited

In essence, this is Paddy Power’s way of subtly pushing you out. A kind of ‘shadow ban’ if you will. While they still allow you to place bets, the opportunity for profit is minimal.

Bookie’s latest weapon appear to be deposit limits. Regulation has allowed them to weaponise ‘responsibility checks’ to filter out winning too. Some of the companies even use them to enforce their terms and conditions (once they’ve seen your bank statements). So, with that in mind…

Promotions Removed: Why Have Paddy Power Cancelled My Free Bets?

A somewhat similar but separate issue is the removal of free bets and concessions. Paddy Power are known for doing this if they think customers are using their free bets and promotions without losing money. What they don’t say in public is; they only allow you to have them if you’re betting at bad value.

Customers who are using a matched betting strategy are most likely to receive this email.

If you’ve received an email like this you’re all out of luck. There’s no more freebies on your account, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Again, you only find out if you’re not a consistent loser.

If Paddy Power Refuses to Payout:

Regrettably, firms like Paddy Power like to avoid paying out winnings on the basis that someone else sent you money. There are instances where they might return the original bet stake, alleging that the wager has been voided, akin to the scenario highlighted in this Guardian article. Should you find yourself in such a predicament, I recommend looking at the help pages on justiceforpunters.org.

Ensure you follow the basic processes they advise before pursuing more intensive measures. Engaging in legal battles with associated high costs is unnecessary if you haven’t consulted with settlement services like eCOGRA first. They are an autonomous entity established to mediate these kinds of disagreements.

Remember; this is just a game to the firms. Their strategy hinges on capping potential earnings and grinding you into submission with the complaints process. It doesn’t need to be stressful, send the relevant messages and follow up when there’s a response. So many don’t, meaning they get to keep winnings.

Being prepared for their tactics ahead of time is the best defence I know.

What Can You Do About Paddy Power Restricting Your Account?

The nuances of account limitations are tucked away in Paddy Power’s terms and conditions. There’s limited room for contesting the restriction itself. But, if they are withholding your winnings, I’d advise you to refer to the guidance further in this piece.

Previously, I’ve come across suggestions for maintaining multiple accounts. Yet, I’d caution against this due to its questionable legality.

While it’s an unsavoury business practice, nearly every prominent betting brand has adopted this approach. Sometimes, they might even go a step beyond and decline payouts.

How Much Will Paddy Power Let You Win?

The intricacies of such decisions are primarily known only to Paddy Power. However, I can share that Paddy Power capped my wagers to £1 stakes after I amassed only a few hundred pounds in winnings. It’s likely less about the amount you’ve pocketed, considering their VIP clientele routinely places hefty bets without a hitch.

It boils down to the concept of value. If your bets consistently offer value and outperform the opening line, then, over the long run, you’ll consistently come out on top. Thus, if Paddy Power discerns that your betting strategy is consistently outsmarting their odds, they may opt to put a cap on your wagers or implement further limitations on your account.

A Key Insight From a Professional Bettor:

Regrettably, this might not be the news you were hoping for, but it’s the Paddy Power way.

They’re all jokes and fun in their marketing, but when it comes down to business the company is ruthless. I trust this article has provided insight if you’ve faced stake restrictions or had your betting activities curtailed with Paddy Power. For sustained success in betting, consider opening an account with a betting exchange, where you won’t face limitations or restrictions on your victories.

Also, send your local MP an email complaining that the Gambling Commission don’t do their job!

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    1. If you’ve been stake restricted there shouldn’t be anything to stop you withdrawing? The Gambling Commission website specifically states they shouldn’t hold withdrawals.

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