Today’s Trading: When Live Pictures Pay Betfair Traders…

Were you trading today? Do you have live pictures whilst you trade? If not, you probably missed a cracking opportunity…

Breakfastattiffanys was a runner in the 13:30 race at Lingfield Park. This horse’s antics pre-race offered massive value for those who reacted to the ongoing events. I tweeted about it whilst trading, although it’s worthy of a further update here to explain!

Fast Fingers Are Extremely Profitable:

Reactional trading doesn’t require a lot of explanation. However, executing your trading position around a developing situation isn’t always as easy as one may think.

Check out the peaks and troughs on Breakfastattiffanys Betfair chart today. The Green Marker denotes the point where the horse broke free of its jockey’s control.

In such a scenario, a healthy profit is relatively simple if you catch the first few ticks. However, understanding the marketplace psychology and those trading it is crucial if we want to maximise profits and limit risk. Take a look at that smaller pattern of behaviour that ripples out after the first spike of activity.

Having a live video feed open whilst you trade is an advantage. Jumping in at 13.0 and out nearer 17.5 was an easy win, although it doesn’t happen every day. If you were watching it unfold (rather quickly) it’s important to see what else you can learn from this setup. People engage in routine behaviour everywhere, you just need to recognise and understand the patterns.

Once you do, you start to see them in other less-dramatic events regularly. Again, think about this situation and the marketplace psychology surrounding it!

If you enjoyed this update, it’s one of a recent series that talks directly about trading and how you can improve.

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