How Much Profit Is In 2017? Goals & Aspirations

Profit 2017

New year, new goals? Maybe…

What are your goals for the year? I’d be keen to know, by all means, leave a comment!

For me I’m a little undecided as to what I want to achieve in 2017. The last few months have been pretty frantic what with the video pack update and a few personal changes.

2017 Goal Setting & Aspirations

One things for sure, I’m a great believer in goal-setting. If you don’t know where you’re going, how’d you expect to get there right?

Over time things have changed dramatically for me. The very first blog post I published wasn’t even hosted here. It was on one of those ‘blogger’ blogs if you remember them. The initial goal was to replace my income at the time (of £28,000 per year) for an income via the betting markets. Being tax-free it appealed, obviously for financial reasons (I wasn’t thinking about premium charges back then) But I was more interested in doing something I enjoyed, and of course having no boss to answer to!

At the time my eldest son had just been born, he’s 6 now, it seems a little crazy how quick it’s all happened.

So where does that leave me now?

I’m not too sure just yet. Obviously, the markets continue to churn over day-after-day, full of opportunity, but my aspirations are growing! While the goal of £28,000 a year seemed near on impossible 6 years ago, it seems rather ridiculous now. Maybe £28,000 for a monthly or weekly goal it’s a bit more interesting…

…but money isn’t everything. Certainly not! However, I do need to get my goals ironed out and organised soon. Possibly I’ll look at developing my edges on other sports and get round to organising the training courses several have asked for.

Profitability, Restrictions and Changes…

Exchange wise there’s probably very little to worry about if anything, things could improve (hopefully that’s not misplaced optimism).

Most are probably aware, but there’s currently a review going on with regards to restricted betting accounts in the industry. I doubt it’ll amount to much as the govt. just have to be seen to be doing their bit, but, hopefully, the general public will sway further to the use of exchanges. Also, with Trump at the helm – could the states open up too? Highly unlikely im sure, but there’s nothing wrong with dreaming, right?

One change that will definitely go ahead is ITV picking up the racing coverage in the UK. Will it change much? I doubt it… Hopefully, the delays aren’t even worse!

Either way, there’s still a lorry load of money to be made throughout the year!

Before You Go!

Take a second to drop a comment below and answer the following 3 questions;

  1. What is your main goal for 2017?
  2. Do you think the markets will change much this year?
  3. Are you glad Channel 4 Racing is gone?


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Update Since First Publish…


47 thoughts on “How Much Profit Is In 2017? Goals & Aspirations

  1. My goal is to double my stakes by March, then the same every 3 months

    Hopefully smarkets can promote themselves more, I love this exchange but liquidity is poor

    Loved ch4 racing hopefully itv will get rid of Matt Chapman, personally I don’t like him but others probably will

    1. yeah i think they are working on API and are in talks with a software company but don’t know anything more than that. they need video coverage, graphs. i think liquidity it better that the other 2 exchanges matchbook and betdaq but I could be wrong

  2. My goal for 2017 is to see some good results ..but its very hard with the full time job (10hrs shift) …

    1. Sure Andrei. A good idea might be to be a little more specific as you know if you’re progressing well, small digestible chunks…. £100 in January, £200 in Feb for example.

    2. Sure, it’s tough Andrei… I once lived a similar position. There’s only one way out. Get in and use those 4 hours to change your future before getting a bit of a break and some sleep! 🙂 whatever you do, its possible.

  3. 1. Goal for 2017 is to be earning a consistent 2nd income from trading.

    2. I have only been in the markets a short time, I think they will change, wether its enough for me to notice I’m not so sure. I think they are ever changing/evolving with new strategies, bigger players and in general more people using the exchanges having an effect.

    3. I’m from Oz so not sure on the channel 4 bit…

    1. Great shout Tom, thanks for commenting.

      1. Quite doable… really is.
      2. It’s always interesting but I often think as one door closes another opens… some things cant change too.
      3. C4 is a terrestrial channel in the UK that brings more volume to bigger events and weekend racing.

      1. Will there be a replacement for c4 do you think?

        I have a side question, during the summer what are the normal racing hours? I’m assuming it will start earlier and finish later? Being in OZ adds another obstacle in the time difference, although I never miss racing due to being at work which is a bonus I guess.

  4. Think I’m going to have a total overall of my bots for 2017 and look into expanding into more profitable sports per market like tennis, cricket etc rather than dog/horse racing. I run bots on the dogs and nags and they now only average around £3/10 per race I’m pretty sure that could easily be passed using the same strategies on tennis with a little tweaking. From a botting point of view those markets have been dwindling due to less real activity although on the plus side I do think it’s easier for manual traders to make money these days as the markets aren’t as stable as previously so certain simple botting techniques are now redundant.

    Other than that i’m pretty much looking to retire from manual trading and maybe look outside the exchanges to invest.

  5. Hi Caan. My goal this year is to turn my trading into a good second income now I’m making consistent profits every session. Also attend your trading courses when there on.

  6. Hi Caan,

    An interesting and thought-provoking post, as always.

    I am a very goal orientated person. I’ve been working towards my goals and ambitions for longer than most people would ever consider. My interest in two-year-old horse racing – my knowledge – is exceptional. I know that sounds big headed but it is true. I am not a trader but a straight forward betting man on the exchanges. This appreciation comes from years or experience. It is a hard-fought knowledge. I will be making very good money from betting this year.

    As you know, I run many websites. Some are established others new. However, very much like yourself, my betting, websites, understanding and experiences feel as fresh as the day I started. In fact, I feel as though I am just starting out with my newfound appreciation of knowledge, life and the ambition to prevail.

    Many years ago when leaving school I had no qualifications. But I decided I would prove to myself and others that I would gain a degree reading Psychology. Studying with Open University I was the male equivalent of Educating Rita. After many years study/work, I achieved by goal 2:1, a few percent off a 1st. I knew from the start and I would have that degree. How? Because I believed. And with believing the ambition is three-quarters complete.

    So, yes, I have plenty of ambitions…

    To all those wishing to be successful traders, bettors…whatever. Discipline is the most important factor and reinforcing those principles day after day will see you well. Success comes in many forms. It isn’t all about money. It is part of the jigsaw which makes the picture of what hope, ambition, pride and achievement mean to you as an individual.

    Without question, it should be your goal to achieve whatever your heart desires.

    Good luck.

  7. 1. Main goal – be able to trade efficiently, by gaining an understanding the different market situations and importantly myself!
    2. I’m too new to have an opinion on markets changing, but to suit my own situation I would like to see an opening in the US markets, and also more money in the dogs (Most of my spare time is in the evenings)
    3. Again as I am new I cannot really form an opinion on the channel 4 situation.

  8. 1. Make a steady second income.

    2. Not sure, worth being on the look out for anything new and interesting.

    3. Yes, got completely stagnant, Chapman should spice things up on ITV

  9. Goal for 2017 is to trade up my stakes, been trading a few years now (on and off) but just lately being more consistent and not making the mistakes I used to.
    The markets do seem less stable to me lately and I think more and more people will be using exchanges so probably a plus for traders.
    Channel 4 was great for racing and I hope itv can follow them, will be a shame if it doesn’t, hopefully not, but New Year’s Day coverage didn’t quite seem as good.

    1. It won’t be as good. Remember what happened when ITV tried to go big with their football coverage? It was a joke. They don’t know racing at all. Its home was Channel 4 but hey ho.

  10. Hi Caan

    If I can make £1,000 a week I will be really happy. I believe it is achievable if I keep 100% focused and disciplined.
    Like many people I find the battle within myself has been the biggest problem and the most costly but as time has gone on I’ve slowly overcoming the problem, the markets with patience and correct edges and execution are easy.
    Mentality is king in my opinion without the correct consistent mentality consistent success will always be a dream.
    Thanks for all the info you have put up over time it certainly has helped me progress.
    There needs to be more competition to betfair they have everything their way and get away with murder with the greedy premium charges.
    Serious competition to betfair would benefit everybody using the exchanges.

    1. Reasonable target Jamie. It’s certainly achievable. Discipline is always under-rated, always. No problem, nice to have the feedback and hear from followers.

  11. Main Goal I have reviewed my trading and now will concentrate on 5 main sports Horses/Rugby Union/Cricket/NFL/Darts
    Markets Will be always open to change key is to spot them before others
    Channel 4 OR ITV both have a major delay as does ATR I prefer to trade only RUK Tracks

  12. 1.The main sport I trade is football and make a fair amount from this so the main goal is to make a decent amount from horse racing. Having attended a course last year on the horses pre off im now making an effort into understanding the markets alot more.
    I’ve also traded t20 cricket on the IPL last year with some success so I’ll be paying some more attention to this. It amazing how much is traded on cricket!

    2. Hopefully the markets get more liquidity with more users and mug punters making the move over to the exchanges but there are so many people unaware they exist and if they do they don’t understand the whole concept which is pretty sad.

    3. I don’t really have much of an opinion on this as they way I am trading it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference as my style doesn’t depend on huge liquidity (but of course it does help) but I can’t see much of a change.
    Alot of people don’t like Matt Chapman but I must say I am a fan

    1. Cricket is certainly the thing if it interests you… a lot of money filters in from other places im sure.

      More liquidity would be great wouldn’t it? …we can all dream.

      Yes, he’s an acquired taste if you’re watching the races all day long. One for the punters for sure.

  13. 1. Constantly winning just £10 a day would make my year, but still seems a dream away.

    2. I’m finding the markets even more erratic.

    3. ITV will be good for racing, especially if it gets rid of Judge Rinder.

  14. Caan, big time fan of yours and all that you are doing. I think 2017 for you should be to continue what you are doing but with a long-term view of teaching others your methods. You’ll get so much more out of helping others get rich than you can yourself! As you said, money isn’t everything but potentially changing thousands of other peoples lives for the better – that’s big.

    What is your main goal for 2017?
    To make more money.

    Do you think the markets will change much this year?
    I think if anything they will grow.

    Are you glad Channel 4 Racing is gone?
    No. I liked the whole crew and I think they were more passionate about horse racing but there you go, change is inevitable and money changes things. It shouldn’t affect racing too much. If anything, it could get more people watching and therefore betting which is good.

    Cheers Caan. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Andy, thanks for the meaningful comment. I shall certainly ponder this.

      I think you are right about the C4 crew being passionate, ITV has yet to prove themselves 🙂

  15. Hiya!
    I’m quite new to this – started learning about it in October – but find it really interesting and quite fun (when it goes well, that is! :).
    As such, my goals aren’t crazy. Long term 2017 goal, I would love to work up to a point where I’m living rent free, meaning making the equivalent of my outgoing rent every month. As a Londoner, that’s no small feat, so I’m not sure if it’s realistic to think I can accomplish that in a year although it seems possible. Typical rent in my area is around £1600/month. Short term goal, I just want to work my way up to £20-30 a day consistent income. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but consistency is what I’m struggling with most. No point winning one day and then losing it all the next.
    Thanks for all your advice, Caan. Really enjoying the blog and the video pack!
    All the best in 2017!

  16. Looking to make a income from trading, so far I’m rubbish, but never give up aye. The markets do seem very erratic at times, especially when I am in them. I absolutely loved Channel 4 racing, are well,best of luck to everyone.

  17. Hi Caan,

    1 My Goal is to make this my full time income, I retired from the fire service 1 year ago and have been trading and learning as much as i can for about 4yrs. Have had some very mixed results in both directions lol, for me the guide and video pack have been superb and the mental aspects of the trading game that you highlight are for me the most serious areas to work on, the lack of discipline has been a killer some times. But have very much turned a corner and am able to trade about £500 a week and the aim is to clear a 30k salary this year and continue to work on my self development as its the hardest area for me to keep consistent at the moment

    2 I think with the increased info that can be found on various forms of trading betting etc can only increase the traffic and volumes on the exchanges, which i think will allow more opportunities for those that have taken the time to learn the info from the the pack and book to gain that important edge

    3 Like C4 not sure about itv but don’t think it will affect things to much for me

  18. My goals for 2017
    as I am very stubborn in the case of never feeding greedy people/companies who dont care about customers so no betfair for 2017

    1- The most important for myself is to be consistent
    2- Focus myself in my best sports tennis and football and stop donking around money in random things.
    3- Manage my bankroll properly
    4- 50 k year

  19. Caan, where would you recommend a professional online poker play start their journey in the trading world?

    I understand variance and have a very high tolerance to variance and swings in money, so I’m pretty comfortable with that side of things. Just looking for a main site or method to study all the available software, tutorials, or just anything relevant at all.

  20. Goals are an important part of achieving success in anything, forex trading included. However, goals can be tricky because people usually set them too high, out of the realm of what’s realistically achievable in an acceptable amount of time. As a trader my goal is to be patience more than before, set-up the plan & stick to the plan. I’ll trade properly with less expectation. Also I’ve my broker ECNCAPITAL.COM who is always there for me.

  21. I love your blog and your videos there are some many thing to learn. As a learning Trader i have lost so many and some time big hit as well. Now i understand this is not a sign to become full time trader as i read your blog. Your blog help me a lot to understand about trading deeply thank you very much.
    My goal full time trader in 2017
    Market is always change no matter what

  22. Caan, just wanted to drop by and wish you a quick thanks for everything you do to promote Betfair Trading. I followed all of your youtube videos and online guides and now find myself in a position where I am making a decent wage each day with Geeks Toy 🙂

    I too came from a poor background, no silver spoon etc and I am now making decent money without much effort, allthough I’m not getting complacent about it things seem to be working out really well over the last few months so a massive ‘thank you’ for inspiring me to keep going and to finally succeed with the software.

    All the best and hope you are still doing well yourself! 🙂


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