Profit Duel Review: Can You REALLY Make Money Using It?

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Looking for an honest Profit Duel review? It’s exactly why I’ve put this deep dive together for you.

With over a decade of professional sports betting under my belt, I’m pretty well-positioned to comment. Sports betting is coming online in new states all the time, it’s a great time to take advantage of their inefficient odds lines and high-value promotions.

But be warned, making money from sportsbooks won’t always be this easy. Make the most of it…

What is Profit Duel?

Profit Duel is an American matched betting service. If you’re not familiar with that term, it’s the name for a very simple mathematical process that allows you to exploit sportsbook promotions without taking a risk. When done correctly, there’s no risk – this isn’t gambling.

The best bit? Just about anyone with access to online betting can do it. Profit Duel provides video tutorials and written guides to walk you through the process, whilst providing software tools to make it super-easy. To give you an idea, it will help you turn the following offers into cash quite easily.


  • FanDuel’s $3000 risk-free sign-up
  • DraftKings $1000 deposit bonus
  • PointsBet $500 sign-up freeplay

I know what you’re thinking – this seems too good to be true.

But it’s not…

Matched betting is a totally legitimate side hustle that has been used in Europe for years. There’s one major difference in the United States though, the bonuses are HUGE right now.

To Profit Duel users it’s estimated that all of the sign-up promotions in New Jersey alone are currently worth $5,243, risk-free.


How Does Profit Duel Work Exactly?

Profit Duel teaches its users how to use matcher software, calendar, and calculators to find the most profitable promotional offers to exploit.

As a quick example, it might work like this: DraftKings are offering a $1,000 new customer bonus.

Profit Duel’s matcher software will find alternate betting odds, with another provider, on the SAME betting event. This means you can then place two bets that will effectively cancel each other out. with some simple math (their calculator will do it for you). This is commonly known as ‘qualifying’. Then, because you fulfilled the DraftKings promotional criteria, you get the $1,000 bonus credit.

But it doesn’t end there.

There’s no point in risking the $1,000 promotional credit. So Profit Duel, will then show you where and how you can repeat the process in a very similar way to convert that promotional bonus into real cash. Typically, around 80-90% of each bonus can be retained in terms of dollar value. For example that $1,000 could be worth $800-$900 in your pocket.

This is just a brief example to help you understand how Profit Duel works, once you’ve seen it in action it’s far clearer.

Profit Duel Review: What They Do…

As mentioned, there are a variety of tools to help users make money. Here’s an inside look at the Profit Duel features currently on offer.

  • Tutorials and Guides
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • OddsMatcher
  • Community
  • Support

One by one, let’s break them down…

Tutorials & Guides

There’s a resource center linked to each user’s Profit Duel dashboard. As you can see below, they start with the most basic concepts and explainers so that anybody can make a profit.

If their European counterpart is anything to go by, they’ll be adding a whole lot more in the future too…

profit duel guides

The guide filter highlighted on the side of the above image helps you find exactly what you need if you want to jump ahead. There are Profit Duel tutorials in video and written format so it’s possible to watch, pause and replicate as you go. After watching the main videos and completing a few offers most users only come back for the advanced strategies.

Profit Duel OddsMatcher:

Next, the Profit Duel Odds Matcher – a core benefit.

This is where the real-time odds, offers and picks show up. Profit Duel scans thousands of betting options and lines to highlight where the best matches are. Not only does it save a huge amount of time, but Profit Duel’s matching software makes sure the process is efficient and effective. Just take a look at the NBA line highlighted below between Miami Heat and the Milwaukee Bucks…

profit duel matcher

The odds matching software is showing us that you could place a wager with DraftKings and FanDuel on opposing bets with a 99.48% match. This means barely any value is wasted, and the picks are automatically served to you. The odds matcher brings the benefit of speed and efficiency so you can continually complete different promotions fast, making as much money as possible in the process.

Profit Duel Calculator:

But depending on the promotional terms and offers, the calculations may vary. Profit Duel have this covered too with their matched betting calculator – shown below.

profit duel calculator tool

To explain the Profit Duel calculator; you can see the settings tab on the left where you may choose the promotion we’re turning into a profit. In this case, a ‘free bet’. The stake you’re calculating for and on the right is the main body of the calculator. The two betting lines represent bets with either sportsbook, just like DraftKings and FanDuel in the previous image. It calculates for us how much is needed to stake on betting line 2 in order to secure a level profit – highlighted in green on the right.

Offer Calendar

So Profit Duel review how the process works with their tutorials, lined up the best matching odds with their software, and provided a calculator to make money from the sportsbook offers. So, looking into the future, there’s only one question…

Where are all the good offers?

On the Profit Duel calendar of course! They update their calendars and welcome offers section daily to show users where the highest reward for the lowest effort is.

Just take a look below, I’ve highlighted the FanDuel sportsbook signup offer…

profit duel offers

Simple. Each offer explains what’s required to complete the offer, how long it should take, and what the payoff is.

Profit Duel Community & Support

Now if that wasn’t clear, there’s more. The Profit Duel site has a community support forum with active members that have had much experience with the tools and process.

Not sure on something? just ask. The chances are, many others will be wondering about the same things. Their hugely popular European site has over 300,000 members speaking and helping each other out daily. It’s a great place to share insights, new offers that have just appeared and ask questions.

The United States is only just getting started with online betting so there’s a good chance the Profit Duel community will grow to be even bigger.

Costs: Is Profit Duel Value For Money?

With the massive promotional offers and bonuses in online sports betting for United States users the cost of Profit Duel is easy to justify. Their free trial even helps you earn $125 for free.

Profit Duel costs $99.99 a month with the ability to cancel anytime. When comparing this to $6,000 worth of signup offers in New Jersey alone it’s a no-brainer. Furthermore, our Profit Duel review understands that the owners have been providing exactly the same services in Europe for over 10 years now – they know what they’re doing.

As the US market develops I can see this product going from strength to strength, adding new resources, strategies and tools. But remember, they can’t control the value of sportsbook bonuses. My advice to you would be to get started as soon as possible, DraftKings and FanDuel aren’t going to be offer $1,000 signup bonuses forever!

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  1. Hi Caan, looking to keep my US matched betting escapade away from the wife so don’t want to use our joint checking account. Are you aware of any other payment method that would suffice such as a VCC?

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