Purple Rising? Punchestown, Guinness, Improvements.

Punchestown Racecourse

Busy season has begun! …and just maybe I’ve over-subscribed myself to a few things lately. But good things often come from pushing the boundaries!

Maybe this wouldn’t have been what I had to say on Saturday morning though, probably something more like: “I’m never drinking again”. We’ve all been there though…


Since I was invited last year, a lot has changed.

Maybe not on the drinking front, but Betdaq seems to be getting more ‘serious’. A welcome sight to many that regularly read this blog I’m sure!

In comparison to last year, there was a huge amount of additional effort from the purple exchange. Sponsoring the feature, some interesting guests and a lot more promotion. The most noticeable behind their advertising, a few swanky videos like this and more promotion in general, hopefully, we’ll see more liquidity on Betdaq in the coming months.

It might not of impacted us all as traders yet, but the more you look, the more changes are noticeable…

Positive Purple Vibes…

So I’m not so naive to think a betting exchange can just get better by helping the traders. Largely, trader’s profits come from those taking poorer value. Punters, arbers, and of course – other traders.

It’s an interesting topic because; what comes first? Traders and market makers, or punters and recreational users? Obviously, the market makers can offer illiquid markets full of gaps, but that isn’t so appealing to the punters now is it. In reality, every exchange needs both, at the same time preferably. Anyway, over the last year or so it seems Betdaq have made some appealing improvements such as:

  1. XSP – Exchange Starting Price function
  2. Free Proform Race Guides – Data based statistics
  3. New Mobile App
  4. Promotional Rewards – There was a good one giving traders commission back on Wednesday. Hopefully, it returns.

I hadn’t really noticed much of these previously as an API user. I was aware of the trading refunds and XSP function but most of the software hasn’t included it just yet. Personally, I look forward to when they do as I tend to use SP to avoid getting stung on a late fill in the final minute. Race guides are useful when looking up horses running style and, well, any promotional rewards welcome!

Admittedly, I won’t use all of them myself. But hopefully, all of this will lead to more volume on the purple side, making day-to-day trading on Daq more workable…

If you haven’t yet got an account, you can grab one here and get 0% commission for one month to enter code FREE30: Bonus Sign-Up Offer 

Future Efforts:

Are they primed to take a larger chunk of the exchange market? I’m not sure if it’ll happen this month, although it definitely looks like more effort inbound. Maybe the influence and power of Ladbrokes is about to give them a push? I know many were hopeful of this some time ago. It’ll certainly be interesting to keep an eye on with the reduced charges…

I do wonder how they could take a bigger chunk of the pie though?

In the past, any feedback I’ve read from the trading community, in particular, is the problem around trading less liquidity. Maybe these extra features and advertising from Ladbrokes will help them break through the silence.

I’d be interested to know if readers have any other angle on it. How can they get more regular users through their doors? Is it possible? Feel free to comment below!

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9 thoughts on “Purple Rising? Punchestown, Guinness, Improvements.

  1. Hey Caan I think it would be good to see Betdaq rival Betfair but it does seem unlikely. I like Betdaq but have found that they don’t have the same charts in software which is annoying. Dan

  2. I used Betdaq all last week to see how it went trading. I had one good day on the Monday but the rest of the week was quite hard due to lack of liquidity. Even the Punchestown meeting had gaps in its trading. I have also read that they charge less commission than Betfair. However, I have always paid 5%. One last gripe, I never got my welcome bonus from Betdaq. Competition is good and Betdaq needs more liquidity but people will only bet what they can afford. But as you stated at least Betdaq are trying to raise their profile.

    1. For traders this does tend to be the problem. Tough entry or exit generally means you chase away a segment of your win, it was 2% for some time although it’s back up at 5% just now… Not sure if that’ll change anytime soon.

  3. I do matched betting mainly but trading interests me, it would be good if Betdaq did more for use MBing as it is sometimes hard to get my lay matched


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