The Best Pre Race Horse Racing Strategy in 2024?

There is no doubt that the horse racing markets on Betfair offer a huge amount of opportunity.

If you are looking to make a decent second income or even full-time income from Betfair trading, then horse racing is one of the markets that can provide this.

One popular strategy is pre-race horse trading. This strategy involves entering and exiting the market before the races start.

Pre-race trading has several advantages over other strategies!

  • Allows multiple approaches (Swing trading, scalping, short-term trading, long-term trading).
  • No delay on bet submissions (Live markets have bets delays).
  • Lower volatility (Compared to live racing, where a jockey/horse could fall and the market adjusts odds rapidly).
  • Multiple markets every day (Allows you to turn over your money multiple times a day).

In today’s article were going to take a look at the bets pre-race horse trading strategies around in 2024!

Swing Trading Strategy

Strategy number one involves looking for larger movements in the odds ranges. This strategy is known as swing trading.

Let’s take an example from the video pack!

This market looks to be a suitable one for swing trading. In that that I expect there will be bigger movements in the odds ranges. In this example, I back the horse Shaka Zulu at odds of 3.35 for £400 as I believe that it will shorten in odds.

The market progresses and Shaka Zulu’s odds start to shorten. Lay bets are placed at lower odds in order to lock in a profit and remove all risk.

In this particular market, the best pre-race trading strategy to use was swing trading. However, swing trading is not always the most effective strategy.

Scalping Trading Strategy

Let’s move on to strategy number two, scalping!

Scalping involves making a profit from small movements in the market. When scalping you are looking to enter and exit the market very quickly.

This is the best horse racing strategy to use when the markets are fairly stable and you are not expecting volatile movements to happen.

For example in higher class handicap races where odds movement is usually fairly stable.

Below is a video covering basic scalping techniques with example trades.

What Is The Best Pre-Race Horse Racing Strategy in 2024?

Ultimately the best pre-race horse racing strategy to use is the one that takes advantage of the opportunities that the market is presenting at the time.

This sounds more complex than it actually is!

For example, if you are looking to trade a maiden race where there isn’t a lot of information known prior about the horses. It is likely to be a fairly volatile market with big movements.

Swing trading is an ideal strategy for this market.

A class 1 handicap race at a big festival on the other hand. Is very likely to be a much more stable market where scalping is going to be very effective.

For more in-depth breakdowns on horse racing trading strategies with video examples click here!

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  1. In the last few days I have noticed the market in pre-race without volatility, have you noticed that too? I know that not every day the market has good volatility, and during the year there may be more consolidated phases, but I see that it is very stagnant

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