Rich Giving To The Not-So Rich? Seems That Way Today…

Lay Bomber

Well, that was fun…

Were you in the markets today? It just happened to be one of those crazy roller-coaster days, but with good reason!

The infamous ‘Bomber’ played his hand once more, it always seems to happen this time of year. There are lots of different theories behind who it is, or why they do it.

To actually know who it is or why they do it is always going to be tricky. Mainly because it seems to be quite random, and completely nuts… they certainly don’t want value.

In the race above I watched a £20,000 lay bet go into the market several times, dragged up, split into chunks and matched…. they certainly wanted their money on.

Obviously for those quick enough to act. And who have seen it before, it becomes a quick opportunity to make a killing.

Initially it caught me out as I was trading the 3rd runner (Princeton Royale). But with the money smashing the favourites price out I soon made that back, unfortunately I didn’t get all my stake out at the top, reducing my overall green result. But these things happen, I’m human too.

Several years back it used to be a bit easier to make money from this lunatic as they would just place their bet and leave it. When they remove it from the market and put it back it can cause real chaos with different traders all jumping over each-other to get on and off. At the end of last year I created a specific section just about this kind of thing within the video pack.

If you’re trading tomorrow, and he comes back. Bear in mind that although they’re willing to throw tens of thousands down the pan they only have a limited amount of money. Following the runners they Lay or Back is a good idea, if they win on a £20,000 stake there’s a good chance they’ll be around for a few more races.

Also take care to remember that although it’s probably some of the easiest money you can make from the markets, it can go in the opposite direction. Staking and confidence should be reigned in at all times (unless you’re certain you got on for a killer price). It’s quite easy to turn a £100 profit into a loss when this guys about, usually through staking. Trust me, in years gone by I’ve done it.

It’s certainly not all doom and gloom though… I really hope it continues for as long as possible!


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