Royal Ascot: Day #4 Trading Horse Racing Markets…

Trading the racing at Royal Ascot was great, everything else, however…. went wrong.

Here’s a quick rundown on what was the most stressful day of this week. It was quite literally ‘one of those days’ for me, you just couldn’t make it up!

To explain…

My Day #4 Nightmare…

It always seems the whole world to suddenly needs your attention the minute you start trading. The phone goes off, the missus needs you “just quickly” the kids, the dog etc.

I learnt to actively prevent such issues long ago, especially with intense meetings like Royal Ascot. Although today, I epically shot myself in the foot about half an hour before the first race.

There’s this annoying Windows bug where I can’t delete desktop folders on my machine. The best solution is a short line in the command prompt, although naturally, I always forget the command. A minute or so of googling and I’ve found it, although today, google suggested a different article than usual.

In my haste, I accidentally permanently deleted two of the most important directories on my PC. ….gulp.

With such a short time to go my priority was to deal with anything important for the day’s session. I didn’t initially realise it, but this made things worse. Windows overwrites anything that would have been recoverable when various actions are taken.

This whole episode frustrated me somewhat, leaving me in a worse frame of mind to trade. The anxiety of losing heaps of important info was playing on my mind for the first part of the day, which appears to have hindered progress. By the end of the day, I finished up on just a few hundred quid profit, utterly frustrated.

Worse still, I’ve just spent a load of time trying a deep scan recovery to find there’s little-to-no hope of getting the files back. I’m particularly annoyed with myself as there was a folder full of new recordings to be added to the video course package after edit. Needless to say, I’ve learnt a lesson here and will be scheduling frequent file backups going forward. Hopefully, tomorrow is better.

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3 thoughts on “Royal Ascot: Day #4 Trading Horse Racing Markets…

  1. Had to laugh because I done the same thing once but luckily got my files back with Recuva. Always have cloud stored backups now would suggest you do too mate!

  2. If the data is worth something to you , maybe pay a pro to recover the data? It might well be the experts have data recovery tools beyond the scope of standard windows tools supplied with the OS?

    1. I did end up paying for some extra stuff but not everything could be recovered as it has been written over… sods law being it was the stuff I really wanted that wasn’t recoverable.

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