Royal Ascot: Day #5 Sports Trading on Betfair

All the hype and bluster is over, but what did I think of the week and how did trading go?

Here’s my final blog update for the week. Check out the others on their relevant links:

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Today was always bound to be more useful than yesterday after those disastrous shenanigans, although I surprised myself a little if I’m honest.

What was so different? liquidity? Coverage? Racing quality?

Strong Finisher…

The markets felt good, volumes were up on last year and I settled in quickly. This is the key to consistency.

It was a steady-ish session with a few minor bumps en route. Once or twice I missed an opportunity through price slippage although it wasn’t worth getting upset about. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite manage to hit 5 figures this week although today’s result did trump expectations. Looking back on the week it was days 2 and 4 that let the overall result down.

I’ve seen one or two getting excited about big wins, which is nice to see (especially the 75.0 BSP winner in the 4.20) although I much prefer consistent low-stress profits. Big winners don’t excite me, the overall bottom line does. Trading is a game of probabilities, advantage and discipline. Unfortunately, it seems that some are insistent on blurring the lines at times but this is the social media world we live in I guess…

Sports trading isn’t easy to master, but writing out a few posts this week has been positive for me. I think putting my thoughts into words is a good reflective experience, even if blogging isn’t popular like it used to be.

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2 thoughts on “Royal Ascot: Day #5 Sports Trading on Betfair

  1. Understand why you dont blog much these days the internet is pretty much social media and not a lot else do you think a special blog once a month would be a better idea? thank you for the updates im glad to see you face the same problems as the rest of us!

  2. Just encountered a scam with Ladbrokes with t&C’s. Basically had a horse win for 10 pound returns. It won ew and put I put on some bets to make balance 0. I then won another 10 on a distance bet making balance now 10 again.Ladbrokes paid out on my first winner that I initially won but before it weighed in. They then had the audacity to take back the first winnings making the balance 0 total crooks

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