Royal Ascot: Day #1 Betfair Trading Results

Some traders love it, others can’t stand it. Either way, everyone needs to adapt to the Royal Ascot markets…

Increased turnover means more opportunities to get matched, and in turn, make more money. Here’s how day one went for me!

Royal Ascot Trading Betfair:

Turnover was up today, but that was to be expected with shorter-priced favourites. Having some real short prices always skews the trading volumes…

However, the markets felt really quite smooth to me. Maybe it was just the runners I was trading but I rarely have such a smooth start to the big meetings. They tend to be a bit more erratic than the other days. Large traders usually take this opportunity to exploit panic in the markets, particularly on the races between.

Coroebus came home with the goods in the 4.20 which was a nice move for later in the day…

I’ll be pushing a bit harder tomorrow if conditions persist as these big weeks don’t come around all that often. Generally speaking, I like the market stability and increased flow of money as it suits my style. We have to adapt to the situation as traders and I know these markets aren’t for everyone but I really enjoyed today.

Onward to day two!

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