Second day off for goodwood – Anti-climax

Day two of my time off to trade this week and im starting to think what an Anti-Climax this is?!?

I don’t think ill be booking time off for goodwood next year to be honest, on the whole today i found it utterly frustrating. I even found myself looking forward to the other cards inbetween more!! It seemed to me there was a huge amount of self matching and or scratching going on in the markets, very ungenuine turnover… am i being paranoid? i honestly don’t think i am, thoroughly frustrating to be honest, only good thing was i had to pop out mid afternoon to pick up a higher car.. on return i think maybe my mind was in the right zone and i got to work a little more smoothly.

On a side note though one thing that really does wind me up is channel 4’s coverage of the start, today again i found myself looking at a suspended market while the pictures didnt show the stalls and that blonde bird waffeling on, today it only cost me 30 quid but yesterday was slightly worse. You would of thought a program about the racing would be showing the racing at the start of the race supposed to what stupid hat a womans wearing pffffft.

Anyway, mediocre and the evening was more of a goer for me, felt more right…..

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