Smarkets CEO Jason Trost Video Call | Exchanges, Charges, SBK & More…

Jason Trost Face Smarkets

I was pleasantly surprised when Jason Trost, the CEO and of Founder of Smarkets betting exchange agreed to come onto the YouTube channel for an open chat.

The sports trading industry has many problems which often means industry leaders hide behind terms and conditions instead of being upfront. So with that in mind, the video call below is well worth listening to. It’s a bit longer than usual, but you don’t need to see the visuals so maybe save for a long journey?

I think most viewers will find this one extremely insightful and useful particularly when it comes to commission, charges and winning on the betting exchanges.

A Call With Smarkets CEO & Founder: Jason Trost

If you’re a successful Smarkets user you might not like some of the answers, but at least it provides an explanation. I think we have to give Jason full credit for being so direct, open, and honest.

I’ve done a few of these now so if there’s somebody that you would like to see on the channel, and a specific question you would like me to ask, let me know in the comments down below.

You can check out Smarkets for yourself here.

A Little Background Information:

Smarkets is a betting exchange that started in 2008 founded by Jason Trost featured above. The company was started by a team of finance and software development professionals, backed by a consortium of private investment. Being the last betting exchange on the scene they have done remarkably well capturing the majority of the matched betting community. To see a previous review we have done about Smarkets click this link here.

What is Smarkets SBK?

As Jason explains in the discussion above, SBK is a new product from Smarkets which is designed to make the interface of sports betting on an exchange more intuitive. SBK can deliver a better price for the end-user whilst feeding bets into the Smarkets betting exchange. A low margin bookmaker that feeds liquidity into the exchange if you will. Since taking this course I’ve downloaded it myself and it looks quite smart so by all means check it out!

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