So as a trader I usually shudder when somebody says theirs going to be snow…. mainly because I know work is off! Which can be great but can also be frustrating too when you have no choice and would rather like the cash to keep on rolling in!

(my shiny new gear, best learn to use it!)

This year we’ve been pretty lucky…. although im now off in search of some for a week! Last month I booked a week away with a few friends to France for my first ever snowboarding experience, I can hardly wait! I’ve tested out the indoor slopes at Milton Keynes and Hemel Hempstead over the last month or so and bought all the clobber I need so im quite literally one of those people with ‘all the gear and no idea’.

This weekend we’re off to Flaine, hopefully by the time I’m back I’ll be a pro! weather forecast show’s snow which im told will make it an epic experience, can’t wait! The reality is more likely below…..

Wish me luck!!


After the release of the Video Pack last week I’ve added a few more clips! It now includes last weeks trading of the ‘Cheltenham Gold Cup‘ along with a couple of others and as requested by one user some explanation on how I go about trading the Greyhound markets… many more to be added over the next month or so with the start of the Flat racing, exciting times!

Also I’ll be adding a few small pieces to the Pre-Race Trading Guide between the start and middle of April, I don’t believe in padding so it’ll only be useful stuff. If you have it already once the update is in place you’ll be able to get it from the portal with the details you already have!

And finally just to say I’ll check my inbox while im away as mentioned above (22nd – 29th) dealing with any emergencies although general inquiries will be followed up on my return so im not ignoring you if I don’t respond straight away!

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